The brand's design system is reflected in outdoor spaces, bringing outdoors the beauty and lifestyle that characterise the programmes created for interiors

Transferring a kitchen project outdoors while maintaining the same aesthetic, quality and lifestyle level as programmes created for indoor environments is not easy. It requires research into materials, the development of new functions, the ability to know how to integrate the system in natural settings such as a garden, a poolside, a porch surrounded by greenery. In a word, you need to be able to manage the complex relationship between nature and the built environment in harmony and balance: architecture that integrates itself into the landscape by playing with volumes, colours and textures that celebrate nature and its elements.

Colours and materiality

With this in mind, the surfaces of the Block system with three Gold Brown stoneware staves by Modulnova refer, in the tones and materiality of the natural stone effect, to the environment in which the kitchen fits. The Block system defines both the washbasin block equipped with a basin for washing and folding mixer tap, and the cooking block. The latter is completed by the Mate countertop, ideal for outdoor solutions: resistant to weather, humidity and saltiness. A customisable technical equipment: the freestanding Mate hobs, electric or gas, in Aisi 316 steel, are easily removable, interchangeable and can be positioned with maximum freedom. Furthermore, it is possible to complete the hob with the most suitable equipment to meet one's own aspirations or technical requirements, for example by inserting induction hobs, teppanyaki plates or a barbecue grill.

Tailored elements and fine finishes

Project 1 of Modulnova's Outdoor collection, created by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, presents the new XY peninsula in light heat-treated ash wood. A true sculpture with a minimalist design and a strong evocative power, it is composed of tailoring elements and fine finishes translated into the encounter between solid heat-treated ash wood and a stainless steel structure with a black epoxy finish.

Lightness and dynamism

The Sipario sideboard in Gold Brown porcelain stoneware completes the set-up. Its lines and materials establish a harmonious continuity with the cooking unit. A modular and customisable storage element with clean lines, it is characterised by the lightness of its sides and top in stoneware just 6 mm thick, and by the system of hinged doors and recessed fronts that allow an optimal grip for the handle. To add dynamism, the alternation of volumes enhanced by the combination of different materials: the stone effect of Gold Brown stoneware is flanked by the cloudy reflection of Bronze Dust metal, creating a combination with a contemporary character that emphasises the link with the natural context in which the elements are inserted.