Inspired by the well-known sedimentary stone, the new collection born from StepWise and 3D Ink technologies and characterised by depth and materiality

A clastic sedimentary rock resulting from the cementing of sands in different periods and layers, sandstone is composed of fine sand granules with a mineralogical composition that varies according to the area of origin, rich in veins and inclusions. The textural texture and gradation of tones give it a sober, minimalist architectural allure. The colour may vary from neutral tones of white and grey if devoid of iron minerals; from yellow to red, to brown if rich in iron; it may, finally, tend towards green due to the presence of glauconite.

For residential, contract and outdoor use

Naturalia is Marazzi's stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection inspired by sandstone and available in five neutral colours: White, Beige, Taupe, Grey and Ash in the new 100x100 cm square format alongside the more traditional 60x120 cm. Thanks to the different R9, R10 and R11 surfaces, the result of StepWise technology that gives high slip resistance while keeping the surface soft to the touch and easy to clean (given the absence of surface roughness), it can be used in residential, contract and outdoor spaces.

3D Ink Technology

Naturalia is produced with 3D Ink technology, an advanced digital technology applied to porcelain stoneware. The match between graphics and structure, thanks to a system that combines optical recognition and printing precision, gives surfaces volume and material realism. A realism guaranteed by the perfect match between graphics and 3D structure that gives unique depth and materiality to porcelain stoneware.

3D Structures

The grey, white and beige wall tiles in the brand new 33x100 size complete the collection with 3D structures, decorations and listels that animate the walls and create backdrops with a strong visual impact: 3D Codex simulates (in all colours) a module with three staggered horizontal bands, characterised by a multi-thickness engraved baton effect, typical of stone processing that emphasises chiaroscuro; 3D Canneto recalls wood canvases: in a light and dark version is transversal to the entire collection, interpreting a current trend in interior design that combines wood and stone in an elegant natural contrast; Classy, in a warm and cold version, is distinguished by a harmonious "micro-foliage" design; Micro Touch emphasises the nature of stone with only the addition of grit on the surface, ideal for backdrops in refined but minimal environments where material prevails over decorativism; Incisione Touch, formed by two 33x100 modules, presents a floral motif and reinterprets the engraving technique.

Depth and material sense

All the decors in the collection are Touch, made using a technique whereby glossy or matt grit is added to specific areas of the graphics, giving the surface depth and a material sense. All Touch decors can also cover walls in the shower.