The new system features a bridge that elegantly identifies the different areas of an increasingly central living space

Discretion is a strategic interior attitude which, thanks to design, can become art. Take the kitchen: multifunctional space par excellence, launched by recent lifestyles - and by the ever-growing food lover population - to become the emotional epicentre of the home, a true theatre of domestic sociability. Everything must be functional, in a kitchen, and at the same time reveal its presence without being intrusive, in a delicate balance of form, comfort and beauty. Objectives achieved by Nautila, Arrital's new kitchen system designed by architect Franco Driusso, which, in a design that is both rational and sophisticated at the same time, brings together essential forms, elegance and just the right amount of material references that become narrative elements in a context where the sensorial aspect can only be emphasised.

Beauty becomes design

Nautila, as its name suggests, is inspired by the shell of the nautilus mollusc, one of the best-known forms of the golden section, an emblem of the mathematical language of beauty that becomes design. The soul of the collection, which contributed to Nautila winning the iF Design Award 2023 in the Kitchen category and the Good Design Award 2022, is the front with a support in canned aluminium, a material whose technical properties ensure stability and lightness and make it possible to obtain large doors without burdening the functioning of the opening mechanisms, preserving the product over time.

Multitasking domestic architecture

But it is the very structure of this system that defines its innovative essence. Nautila goes, in fact, beyond the idea of a kitchen environment thanks to Alu_Project, a true system based on an aluminium drawer patented by Arrital, with no visible joints, which transforms the kitchen into a true multitasking domestic architecture. In fact, Alu_Bridge is part of this system, a bridge solution that acts as a separating architrave between one area and another; it intercepts the different operating zones and separates, protecting them, all the others from the cooking area. It is therefore a distinctive element of Arrital's approach to design, an industry excellence for over forty years.

Different functions

Scenic and elegant, thanks to the geometrically perfect alternation of solids and voids, the new bridge system has integrated LED lighting, can hold kitchen utensils and supports the main service accessories, from storage shelves to electrical sockets, while an integrated smoked glass element protects the cooking area. The versatility of the Alu_Project system allows it to be used in further variations with different functions.

New materials and finishes

New materials give rise to different aesthetic and tactile impacts. In addition to the claddings in the solid colours of Fenix NTM® and in the Sand, Gloss and Iron metal-effect lacquers, Arrital offers a version with a solid wood plank in Smoked Oak, available in the Brushed or Milled variants with regular or asymmetrical strips. The door is also available with the innovative 3D texture on printed aluminium foil on which the diamond-shaped lacquered decoration stands out in various colours, including the refined Sand Black: a "skin" with an elegant and bold appearance, for a hi-tech effect of maximum rigour and minimalism.

Many complements

Among the complements offered in the composition are the new base modules with open drawers and the Gem display cabinets in the 120 cm modularity, equipped with new internal accessories (bottle holder, glass holder, plate holder, cocktail set) supported by a matt black painted aluminium frame with integrated LED lighting. Completing the collection is the new Sipario storage system with four concealed doors, which can be configured internally in different variants including the solution with integrated suction.