Innovative design and ergonomics moulded around the shape of infinity: the revolutionary chair designed by Serena Papait rewrites the concept of ergonomics

The sinuous shapes recall the infinity symbol and convey that feeling of lightness and weightlessness that characterises the lunar surface. Moon is the seat designed by Serena Papait for Quadrifoglio Group that recalls in its lines the ∞ symbol introduced by John Wallis in 1659 and echoes in its name the satellite that has kept the Earth company for billions of years.

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The impossible becomes possible

A moon becomes infinite and suddenly, what seemed impossible becomes possible. Just as in mathematics almost all calculations become feasible, thanks to this symbol, in the same way Moon, the unconventional seat by Quadrifoglio Group, which intrigues with its silhouette and amazes with its postural well-being performance, becomes reality.

Echoes of Scandinavian design

Designed by Quadrifoglio Group according to Scandinavian functional and ergonomic design principles, all relief points are placed on the knees. Relieving stress on the spine, Moon encourages a natural back posture and an attitude that promotes concentration thanks to the rocking movements that the structure allows.

An emotional and impactful exhibition

Until January 2024, Moon with its claim "New comfort perspectives: let's fly to the Moon" is on stage in the Milan showroom of Pianca&Partners, in the Brera design district on via di Porta Tenaglia. In the contract hub, Quadrifoglio Group becomes an inspiration for professionals and design lovers with an impressive exhibition. In addition to the Moon seat, the protagonist of the showcases, the Flipper table, the Zefiro bookcase, the Six table, the Bloom sideboard, the City Déco armchair and the CD Led decorative lighting system complete the brand's proposal.

Beautiful and resistant

The Quadrifoglio Group's seat consists of a polypropylene monocoque with a seat and knee pad equipped with neoprene inserts, an elastic and non-deformable material that guarantees comfortable and soft support. The quality of the materials and the study of thicknesses, appropriately sized, ensure resistance and durability.

Wide choice of colours

A sculptural furnishing element with character, Moon by Quadrifoglio Group can be customised in colour: the shell can be white, beige, shadow grey or olive green and the upholstery of the cushions can be chosen from six shades of fabric. Versatility and playful character allow it to adapt to different contexts both professional and private, from the workplace to the home office.

An award for a revolutionary chair

Identical and refined in its lines, it won the international Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2023 in the Product Design category, an award that confirms the revolutionary, out-of-the-box essence of the Quadrifoglio Group's seat.