The young brand was born from a historic classic company, presents the Next collection, a project by Ottomani Design, and tells a new story

One family, two generations, an important dialogue towards transition, an example of the trend of permanent revolution that we have seen in the last decade also in fashion, where semantic paradigm changes are a new attitude of established brands. A well-established reality such as Scappini Classic Furniture, born in 1980 on the initiative of Giovanni Scappini, is flanked by Scappini Home by his daughter Chiara and his son Lorenzo, who with the Next collection opens up to new markets, with different codes and different languages, responding to needs of warm atmospheres, with gentle luxury, entering the world of design and décor, creating a new reality with a contemporary sign and overlapping its original identity.

Color, warmth, versatility, very high artisan manufacturing quality, obsessive attention to detail, compositional and customization possibilities, attention to the production process in terms of sustainability: these are the key points that guide Giovanni, Chiara and Lorenzo Scappini in this new and growth path and development.

The Next collection, the result of a project by Ottomani Design, or Cristina Bernacchi, designer and interior decorator, designs a new alphabet to be composed, formed, tailored to the story that the designers want to create, giving life to a collection made up of a series of iconic and impactful elements that follow one another in the environment, with precious and innovative materials, made with low environmental impact.

A collection that comes from a spatial vision in which soft and decisive elements, large volumes and precious details intersect, interacting, in a harmonious blend of mid-century, minimal and bolidism, for a fluid and welcoming home. Twelve Ral codes declined on lacquer, glass, fabrics, and again customizable digitally printed glass, marble, precious essences such as zingana and ebony, leather with two-needle stitching, precious textures such as canneté allow infinite compositions, monochromatic or polychrome, to create sideboards, tables, consoles, bookcases, beds and sofas.

Playing with colors and materials, from ice white to cobalt blue, from yellow to earth, from gray to black in combination with marble and essences, fabrics and leathers, Next allows you to create minimal elements and environments, synthetically concluded, and luxury and décor atmospheres with a decisive impact.