The brand expands the Zephyros box collection with a reversible door system that is even more practical and easy to install

A renovated shower box with reversible doors. This is the proposal that expands the Zephyros 2.0 collection of the Novellini catalog, excellence in the sector with fifty years of history, to define an even more practical and versatile bathroom space. The reversible doors, even when unhooking, allow the shower enclosure to easily adapt and fit into any bathroom: an effective and functional detail that considerably simplifies the cleaning and maintenance of the shower enclosure as it does not require any kind of intervention by the installers and speeds up the assembly process.

Clean and geometric lines

Maximum expression of simplicity, elegance and durability, Zephyros 2.0 is characterized by clean and geometric lines and excellent water resistance. A perfect design solution for any type of domestic or contract space, with a wide spectrum of finishes and configurations available (niche, with fixed or corner doors) and the possibility to choose between various types of doors (hinged, folding or sliding). Zephyros 2.0 can be coordinated with all the other Novellini bathroom elements, from Iotti furniture to whirlpools to accessories, with the aim of offering an increasingly personalized environment, where shapes, finishes and functions can be coordinated.

Maximum customization

Barbara and Marco Novellini, respectively president and CEO of the company, explain: "Until a few years ago, the bathroom was conceived only as a functional space in which to spend a short time, a room in one's home almost kept hidden. In Novellini we have always imagined the bathroom as an environment where you can take time for yourself, in which to experience a moment of relaxation and well-being. We believe that every space is unique and must reflect the style and needs of those who live there, which is why our collections are organized in such a way as to allow maximum customization of each element. For this reason, interpreting over the years the needs and requirements of our customers, we also wanted to make the moment of the shower comfortable and pleasant, proposing usable cabins and walk-in spaces with simplicity and aesthetically harmonized with the rest of the accessories and furnishings ".

The new finishes

In order to offer a totally customizable and harmonious look, the Matt Black finish of the Zephyros 2.0 box perfectly matches the Black finish of the Freestanding Ship and Infinitive bathtubs and the numerous wood finishes of the Centimetro Iotti furniture collection. These innovations are flanked by new trendy finishes created with innovative techniques and processes developed by Novellini. In addition to the finishes for Transparente, Niva Stripes and Fumè glass, Strip is added, characterized by a series of interspersed satin bands that reinterpret the more classic "full band" at mid-height. The profiles already available in the White, Silver, Black and Chrome finishes are expanded to also include the White and Black finishes in the matt version.

The Eco Pvd Chrome process

For the Chrome finish, the Eco Pvd Chrome process is used. Experimented and developed exclusively by the company, which allows the aesthetic and functional effects of galvanic chrome plating to be reproduced on the aluminum profiles. Unlike traditional processes, Eco Pvd Chrome, as it does not use heavy metals in their toxic-harmful physical state, is an environmentally sustainable treatment that allows for the recycling of products. This special treatment also makes the surfaces scratch-resistant by increasing the resistance to abrasion and preventing the formation of limescale.

The Crystal Clear treatment

For Zephyros 2.0, Novellini's Crystal Clear treatment is also proposed, which ensures the glasses greater resistance to limescale deposits, greater ease of cleaning and a proven decrease in bacterial load (approximately 97/98%). This treatment, applied hot, is certified and is the most suitable for the micro-pores of the glass because it adheres perfectly to the surface, making it non-stick, more brilliant and resistant to scratches, stains and opacity.