From production to packaging, the company focuses on sustainability: for a 100% green made in Italy

Thinking 'beyond', for a Third Millennium company, means caring about the environment and its preservation, thanks to conscious corporate and production policies. Protek has made a name for itself over the years on a national and international level thanks to numerous patents and unique solutions: from hinged and counter frames for sliding doors designed to eliminate the use of any jambs and architraves, to the Bigfoot concealed furnishing systems that exploit every space. Today, two important certifications obtained by the Brianza-based brand confirm its green and sustainable philosophy.

Scrupulous compliance with procedures

In May, Protek achieved compliance with ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), a voluntary international standard that specifies the requirements for a certified environmental management system to prevent and protect the environment through practices to prevent pollution and reduce energy and resource consumption. Issued by the Swiss Association for the Certification of Quality and Management Systems (SQS), one of the leading certification bodies in Europe and Italy and a member of the international IQNet network, the certification confirms scrupulous compliance with procedures that guarantee maximum respect for the environment.

Towards zero impact

A path to zero impact confirmed by the recent Zero Emission Company certificate, due to the achievement of carbon neutrality for the calendar year 2022 thanks to the commitment to develop energy from renewable sources. Protek has fully offset greenhouse gas emissions from any energy carrier used, effectively joining the club of Zero Emission Companies.

100% sustainable packaging

With an eye on a more sustainable future for the environment and future generations, Protek's path also involves the last step of production: packaging rethought in a 100% sustainable manner. The protection of the product during transport now goes hand in hand with the protection of the planet, thanks to the reduction of packaging elements, selected and 100% recyclable. Only three critically used components: paper, wood and plastic. The reduction in the use of cardboard, limited to the reinforcement and protection of the ends, as well as the complete recyclability of the material, guarantees an effective 66% reduction in CO2 emissions into the air.

An ancient history

A path whose certification began as early as 2013, with the obtaining of the mark issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international certification system of good forest management that ensures that forest products (wood and non-wood) come from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to environmental, social and economic standards. A recognition to which is added, also in the same year, the certification for the production of counterframes containing PEFC-certified timber from forests managed in a sustainable and certified manner, following internationally recognised criteria of good forestry practice.