A new natural horizon inspires the world of design: Olive Sprig, color of the year 2022, interprets comfort, serenity and relaxation

The changes of the last year and a half have prompted people to look at the little habits with new eyes that once seemed obvious and today give a pleasant feeling of freedom. Domestic spaces have acquired a new meaning: they have been a refuge and an appreciated place having to be able to express oneself.

For this reason, Sigma Coatings, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings Italy (which promotes the functional and conscious use of color through the Voice of Color platform) has chosen to interpret and enclose this feeling of comfort, serenity and relaxation in Olive Sprig, the color of the year 2022.

Olive Sprig by Sigma Coatings

A versatile gray-green shade to enhance any environment - indoor and outdoor - and material. Olive Sprig evokes the delicate nuances of plants, transferring their relaxing power to environments and becoming the spokesperson of that resilience, typical of nature, which today guides towards the reconquest of physical and, above all, human spaces. With this shade, the company expands the horizons of chromatic design by promoting an innovative concept of the rebirth of spaces and accompanies it with three color ranges that highlight its versatility.

Invaluable is a color palette that has its roots in tradition. It adds depth and warmth to any space, thanks to its dark, saturated and refined colors inspired by the most artistic and glamorous interiors, with a reference to history. Styles and inspirations from the past overlap, reusing and renovating vintage and antiques pieces in a nostalgic and sustainable way.

Introspective is the promise of an intimate and comforting space for those in search of balance and well-being. A color palette dedicated to those who have self-care as their priority and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Handcrafted details and natural materials, soft colors to relieve stress and to recreate welcoming and comfortable spaces.

Inspired is the choice for those who see color as an inexhaustible source of energy and positivity. Vibrant shades for those who want to embrace change by referring to the primary palette of the pop art movement and the brightness of digital art. Unconventional shapes and eclectic objects in a mix that surprises and arouses joy and curiosity.