When you look at a wall, what do you see? A shelter, a wall or a horizon?

Orizzonti Ortogonali is the new color collection by Caparol conceived, designed and made to excite with colors. It is a tribute to 20 Italian landscapes seen from above, a true chromatic adventure in 20 stories through the colors of the Bel Paese.

200 colors in 20 stories

There are 200 colors selected for this collection, new and current but at the same time classic and pure; fresh and sparkling, to create current and original environments but also sober and elegant, to never go out of fashion.

Colors told in 20 color groups which become stories inspired by as many landscapes, and with names so evocative as to be precious little stories themselves.

All Italian suggestions

Colors like the Oliva Dannunziana Green transport us to the hills covered with vineyards, and the Elysium Yellow takes us back to the warmth of the summer beaches.

The Merlatura Grey reflects wild cliffs, and the Cotton Candy Pink makes us dream of expanses of fields in bloom.

The Marrone Pandispagna refers to cities full of ancient history, and the Verde Sperato to the freshness of the Italian lakes that dot the Italian landscape from north to south.

Easy and surprising combinations

These are just some of the protagonist colors of Orizzonti Ortogonali, a collection with the possibility of surprising combinations, thanks to a structure designed to facilitate the choice of individual colors and their combinations following easy and intuitive patterns.

With Orizzonti Ortogonali Italy enters homes transforming every single wall into a window open onto the most beautiful landscapes in Italy.

Discover here Ortogonal Horizons, its stories and its infinite combinations, all Italian.