The Brazilian brand Ornare starts again for its kitchens from a reinterpretation of the historic 18th century English design: elegant and hyperfunctional

A sophisticated brand with an international vocation like Ornare is starting out again from a fundamental and still topical chapter in the history of design. The Brazilian company meets along the way the demands of sustainability and arrives at Milan Design Week with a series of new proposals among which the Shaker kitchen stands out. Inspired precisely by the design of the Shakers, the community in the north-west of England in the 18th century known for its extremely functional approach to furnishing, the line was created to offer a reinterpretation of the traditional kitchen, where the door frame becomes the main element of customisation and the metal structure the note of elegant modernity, accompanied by finishes in glass, wood or woven raffia, just to recall the craftsmanship of the ancient English community.

Functional shapes and proportions

"The idea stems from a great admiration for this self-sufficient community and its great craftsmanship: the Shakers were interpreters of a design that even back then was synonymous with quality and honesty," explains Hariadna Pinate of Bello Dias, the studio that follows the art direction of Ornare and signs the kitchen project. "In the history of Shaker, we found a collection of pieces that are still relevant today, with absolutely functional shapes and proportions, which prompted us to work on a reinterpretation of that model. In particular, we were struck by a phrase that encapsulates Shaker's sense of design: 'Don't do something unless it is necessary and useful, but if it is necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful'."

For the third time at Salone

Ornare, which is making its third appearance at the Salone del Mobile, is presenting, in addition to Shaker, the Square Round collection and the Move line, and is doing so with the support of the Brazilian Furniture project, the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association and the Brazilian Export Promotion Agency.

Curved details

Designed, like Shaker, by Ricardo Bello Dias, the brand's art director, in collaboration with Studio Ornare, coordinated by ceo Murillo Schattan, the Round line is inspired by the golden section and interprets the brand's style with its curved details, making it integrable with the brand's other lines. The collection includes a series of freestanding complements ideal for any space organisation requirement.

Infinite compositions

Designed by architect Vivian Coser, the Move line quotes the work Spot by artist Damien Hirst. The kitchen is made up of versatile pieces that give rise to infinite compositions, twenty customisable items designed as concealed accessories. The starting point for the creation of the pieces was the union of the dynamic and multiple DNA, characteristic of the architect's work, with the versatility and references that harmoniously blend geometric shapes with rational and minimalist production.

Environmental awareness

Sustainability is an important theme for Ornare. "Design Week this year highlights the ecological transition taking place in the design world, reinforcing the importance of integrating sustainability and environmental awareness into furniture production," says the brand's founding partner Esther Schattan. "The enhancement of sustainability within the design and furniture market still needs to be consolidated and is something we at Ornare have been paying close attention to since our foundation more than 30 years ago. As a result of our commitment to the environment and the quality required in showrooms throughout Brazil, the US and the recently opened showroom in Dubai, Ornare conforms to the standards required by the market.

Commitment to the environment

But how is Ornare's commitment to the environment realised? Hariadna Pinate of Studio Bello Dias explains: "The company is one of the first in the furniture industry certified by the California Air Resources Board, which assesses formaldehyde emissions from wood panels. Furthermore, Ornare uses wood that is internationally certified by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, which earns it the green seal of environmental protection, and the manufacturing process also follows the FSC standard. In addition, many of the collections are built with modular systems in aluminium, which not only facilitates customisation of the furniture, but is also a highly recyclable and durable material. Last but not least, the company's production waste is redistributed and reused by a local non-profit organisation, which uses it to make handcrafted products and closes the circle of sustainability from a social point of view".