Woodco partner in Rimini of DEMO Hotel, the first hospitality experimentation hub

Thirteen architectural firms, a hotel to be redesigned, different interpretations of the concept of hospitality: these are the key elements that prompted Woodco to participate in the DEMO Hotel project, the first experimentation hub in the hotel sector. The new hospitality space and experimentation hub on the hotel industry that aims to become a reference and inspiration for those working in the sector, will be born in Rimini next June. Born from the redevelopment of a disused hotel structure (the former Hotel Toledo), it is both a permanent showroom of ideas and solutions, and an emotional and experiential adventure for those who stay. Each suite and each common space are designed by a different architectural firm (thirteen in all) and explore a personal vision of hospitality.

"We are creating something that was not there", explains Mauro Santinato, president of Teamwork Hospitality, the hotel consulting company from which the project was born, "because DEMO is unique in Italy and will become a place to experience hospitality in all its facets, with technologically advanced co-working areas and design suites in which to experience the new trends in the hotel industry: a concentration of novelties and an opportunity to convey ideas. "

Woodco has chosen to take part in this unique project of its kind and to furnish the Smoove !! suite, designed by FDA Architects, with its own parquet proposal. The concept around which the elements of Smoove !! is wellness: the room, in fact, is divided into two areas, one dedicated to fitness, with Swedish backrests and sports equipment, and one dedicated to wellness, made with natural materials and custom-made furnishings in the name of an essential and composed style . Precisely for this last area, FDA Architects has selected Woodco's Monolith parquet, a multi-faceted surface in precious Slavonian oak that is inspired by the charm of industrial parquet to restore vibrant wood floors rich in personality.

"The DEMO Hotel project" says Gian Luca Vialardi, Woodco General Manager, "won us over immediately: it is a true incubator of ideas and inspirations not only for the hospitality sector, but for the entire contract sector. A place where innovation and provocation are experienced and at the same time experienced firsthand: this is demonstrated by the concept of the Smoove suite !! A project that goes beyond the hotel room and that is intertwined with the lifestyle: an exhortation to switch off to regenerate body and mind ".