The first Italian platform for production has opened in the heart of Brera district, P1 Milano craftsmanship and planning meet

P1 Milano is a design hub wanted by Maurizio Collarin, founder of BHC Studio, in which a team of companies that have made the craftsmanship of their products a distinctive feature, are available to create tailor-made creations. The space is proposed as a point of reference in the field of research on design aimed at designers and manufacturers, an indispensable address for a public that is increasingly interested in cladding materials to create innovative solutions both in the domestic and contract sectors. The project was created to offer an answer to the demand for quality accompanied by the uniqueness and originality of the product. Each company within the space of via Palermo 1, in Brera, specializes in the production of a material for covering (wood, ceramic, stone, wallpaper, but also fabrics) and has reached levels of excellence in processing.

To defend the essential values ​​in design (creativity, enhancement of local savoir-faire, sustainability), P1 Milano has gathered for the opening of the space four Italian companies: Leolori for the production and marketing of quality fabrics, carpets and accessories for '' indoor and outdoor furniture; Trame di pietra for an innovative interpretation of marble, natural stone and porcelain stoneware; Styl'editions, a Stylgraph brand, for the design of surfaces and the production of large-format decorated ceramic slabs and custom-made wallpaper; Opificio Ceramico for handcrafted ceramic surfaces.

The creativity

The project supports the creativity of architects and designers by helping them to realize their ideas with tailor-made products, the work of selected artisans, the result of constant research and specialization, enhancing the expertise, traditions and passions of a selection of Italian companies.

The enhancement of local savoir-faire

The design hub enhances the heritage of Italian savoir-faire in the processing of stone, ceramics, wood and fabrics, through a platform that connects talented Italian artisans with planners, architects and designers. The objective is twofold: to produce artifacts that adapt to the personality and match the customer's living environment and to stimulate the economic dynamism of the area.


Through collaboration with Italian artisans and the use of locally available raw materials and resources, P1 Milano encourages more responsible consumption. By participating in the design and implementation of quality projects, the commitment is to have a positive impact on society by taking into account the principles related to the circular economy.