Vivienne is the latest addition to the Ecofire pellet stove range

For three generations and over 60 years, Palazzetti has linked its name to a new idea of home comfort: efficient, easy to manage, customisable and sustainable. In collaboration with trusted professionals and craftsmen, it designs and produces fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves, pellet boilers, cookers, ovens and barbecues.

High-performance systems

True intuitive and high-performance heating systems, the Friuli-based company's products heat entire homes efficiently, with maximum comfort, and minimum environmental impact, controlling energy consumption without sacrificing efficiency.

Vivienne, the latest addition to the Ecofire pellet stove range

Efficiency, savings and comfort while respecting the environment are some of the features of the Ecofire pellet stove range that have a new 'ambassador': Vivienne. Characterised by a circular design, it is an airtight stove that guarantees a spectacular view of the flame, elegant even when switched off, thanks to the black toughened glass door. The round steel sides are available in black, mocha and white.

The T3 platform

The product features the T3 platform, with full combustion brazier and automatic cleaning system. An innovation that allows the pellets to be burned completely, optimises combustion efficiency and reduces the frequency of stove cleaning. Only a few mineral salts remain in the brazier and are discharged into the ash drawer by an automatic, motorised mechanism. It is available in two powers (9 and 13 kW), also in the AirPro2 and AirPro3 ducted versions. Ventilation can be excluded to enjoy heat distribution by radiation and natural convection.

Technology for well-being

High performance guarantees the stove the highest level of environmental performance (5 stars). Also available in the version with coaxial upper flue outlet (Vivienne US), it can be equipped with various options such as the Connection Box, which allows it to be controlled by smartphone or with voice commands.

Design and practicality

Always committed to creating intuitive products that ensure minimal environmental impact, controlling energy consumption while giving up efficiency, with Vivienne Palazzetti synthesises innovation and design, practicality and aesthetics.