The Friuli-based company's latest project is Life Green Stove, with the aim of creating a pellet stove that can significantly reduce atmospheric emissions

The great captains of industry have always had the prerogative of being, each in their own way, revolutionaries. Being a revolutionary requires a mix of vision, commitment and action. It means taking calculated risks, learning from failures, adopting innovative approaches, constantly searching for new solutions. This being a revolutionary is in the DNA of the Palazzetti family: from the founder, Lelio, who laid the foundations in 1954, to his son Ruben and Ruben's children, Marco and Chiara, who today hold the helm of the company together with their father.

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Always new ideas

A history, that of Palazzetti, built on the pursuit, over the course of 70 years, of new, practical ideas, cutting-edge technological innovations for the sustainability of fireplaces and stoves (wood and pellet), boilers and economical pellet stoves, barbecues and customised outdoor kitchens. Aiming to help protect the environment by reducing combustion emissions to zero. By bringing the oldest source of heat production - fire - up to date and meeting the expectations of the Third Millennium user.

The focus on forest management

A member of AIEL (Italian Association of Agroforestry Energies), Palazzetti has long since started reflecting on the importance and management of forests for the territory: studying how to treat woods and forests in order to keep the carbon absorption capacity of plants high, working with selective harvesting only on a part of the normal growth, without impoverishing the forest heritage.

The European Green Deal sees Italy as the protagonist

Palazzetti's latest project, with a view to increasing both environmental and social sustainability, is Life Green Stove, with the aim of creating a pellet stove capable of significantly reducing emissions into the atmosphere. Launched in 2021, the initiative, focused on innovative solutions to tackle the impact of global warming on the environment and on mankind, represents an important step towards the realisation of the sustainability goals of the EU and the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Objective achieved

The goal achieved is the development of Driade, a pellet stove that reduces emissions into the atmosphere through an innovative combustion system. Easier in use and maintenance than stoves on the market today, Driade guarantees performance that tends towards maximum efficiency. Current European standards for pellet stoves envisage a limit for dust emissions of 20 mg/Nm3: with Life Green-Stove, Palazzetti's goal was to reach 5 mg/Nm3.

Cutting-edge technology

Thanks to Driade, emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), organic gaseous compounds (OGC) and particulate matter (PM) are reduced. A new combustion process and Palazzetti's most innovative control technologies make Life Green-Stove a project that aims at maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact, reducing the accumulation of combustion residues in the various components of the stove, limiting maintenance over time.

Exploiting AI

Driade by Palazzetti can also be networked for big data analysis to enable predictive maintenance and energy savings over time, through the use of Artificial Intelligence.