The company entrusts Victor Vasilev with a lamp with a transversal taste in which leather appears for the first time in the brand's history

In the history of light design, Oluce holds a special place: it is the company of, among others, Spider and Atollo, the two Compasso d'Oro lamps designed respectively by Joe Colombo in 1965 and Vico Magistretti in 1977. Two prestigious recognitions that give back the sense of a bet that has lasted almost eighty years: that of a brand that since the beginning of its history - in Milan, in 1945 - has worked to produce lamps with a timeless aesthetic, capable of going beyond fashions, proposing creations that are both decorative and characterised by simple, often geometric shapes, a prerogative that allows the company and its products to remain always up-to-date.

Distinctive lamps

This is the heritage and philosophy that Oluce transmits to designers to guide them in the design of distinctive lamps. Decorative aesthetics, the choice of the finest materials and finishes, and simple shapes are characteristics that have always been common to the brand's products. This is also the case with Parallel, the lamp that was still missing from the Oluce catalogue, based on a classic cylindrical lampshade reinterpreted with a contemporary design and enriched with a detail completely new to the company such as the leather covering.

New solutions

"For the first time, at Oluce we are using leather to make a collection of lamps, demonstrating our ability to explore new solutions and to know how to continuously renew ourselves," the company explains.

Leather and metal

To develop the project, Oluce turned to Victor Vasilev, a designer with a minimalist approach, capable of transforming a traditional element into something absolutely contemporary. The choice that makes Parallel a product that expresses its own time is to combine the metal of the base with the leather that covers the shade, giving domestic warmth to the geometric rigour of the lamp.

Cylindrical Lampshade

"In the last thirty years, Oluce has never made any new lamps with the classic cylindrical shade. The only exception before Parallel was Switch designed by Nendo, which features an innovative shade that allows the lamp to be turned on by rotating it.

Floor and table lamp

Parallel is available in two versions, table and floor, both of which are perfect for fitting into profoundly different environments, from the most classical to the most modern and minimalist in style. The cylindrical metal shade is supported by a vertical stem positioned laterally. The stem is composed of two metal flats that run parallel, from the base to the lampshade, spaced apart and painted matt black. The particularity of Parallel is represented by the finish of the lampshade externally covered with a hammered leather available in two different colour shades, one leather-coloured, the other sand-coloured.

A history of excellence

Parallel represents a further chapter in a story of excellence, which earlier this year earned Oluce inclusion in the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest, established by the Ministry of Economic Development to protect and enhance Italian manufacturers with trademarks that have been registered for at least fifty years.