Freedom in use, the pleasure of shapes and materials designed to revive open-air living. Among the twelve new collections for 2022, the company presents Reva Cocoon by Patrick Jouin

The Salone del Mobile 2022 was a major exploit for Pedrali. Twelve new collections, presented in a stand designed by Calvi Brambilla. The focus is on the outdoors, or rather on a typology capable of bringing everywhere the same comfort and design intelligence that is usually dedicated to interior design. Because the environment, today it is clearer than ever, cannot be distinguished into interior and exterior. It is better to talk about space for living (and furnishing), and not to insist on distinctions that people do not seem to need at the moment.

Between nature and comfort

It is the great desire to enjoy nature, to re-establish a direct yet comfortable contact with the environment. We talked about it with Patrick Jouin, who designed the new outdoor living system Reva Cocoon, a natural evolution of Reva Twist. And Héra Lounge, an indoor chair that echoes the lightness and elegance of Héra, designed in 2019. Two very different products, united however by a savoir faire that Jouin recognises to be the true essence of his collaboration with Pedrali.

Technology and experimentation

"Pedrali can do anything, it can handle any kind of material, processing, technology," says the French designer. "Steel, wood, plastic. Upholstery and fabrics. There are no obvious limits, but many possibilities that help design and inspire it. CNC machines and laser cuts allow a degree of experimentation that pushes processing and materials far beyond ordinary limits'. An ideal industrial ecosystem to explore and pursue intelligent and rational, as well as creative, productive and aesthetic research. Alongside this is the focus on the truly sustainable product, far from the logic of greenwashing.


Patrick Jouin continues: 'The production capabilities of a company are the starting point of any project. And if I design for Pedrali, I know I have access to certain technologies and certain types of craftsmanship. It is their know-how and it is what we draw on to do our work. The goal is always a solid, good and very well-made product'. An attitude that naturally pursues a vision of durability and manufacturing consistency that is the key ingredient of the ecological transition. The beauty of a piece of design, as well as its ability to intercept people's needs, is the basis of a long and happy (and sustainable) relationship with things.

A modular system

Reva Cocoon is a modular and configurable outdoor seating system. The discontinuity in the height of the backrests, as well as the different weaves of the rope weave, vary in texture, brightness and perception. The aluminium frame covered with weather-resistant woven polypropylene ropes is light and gives shape to comfortable living. "Woven, textured, artificial or natural yarns are an obvious trend. Their roughness and tactility respond to our need for connection, for contact. And they bring us sensorially back to an idea of non-sophistication."

Functional freedom

And finally, a reflection on the outdoors. Is the outdoors the new space to design and furnish? "I see no difference: outdoor furniture should look the same as indoor furniture. As is the case with Reva: it is a collection that expresses the pleasure of being outdoors. And consequently its aesthetic quality should emphasise well-being, comfort. Obviously, the technical characteristics of materials and finishes are different from indoors: they are chosen to be outdoors without having to worry about their durability or resistance. And it is actually technology that plays the most important part in the construction of projects of this kind: it exponentially increases the degree of functional freedom. So there is a lot of freedom and a total absence of stress.

Top: Reva Cocoon by Patrick Jouin. Photo Andrea Garuti, Styling Studio Salaris.