The watchword for the brand's above-ground pool is customisation

Once upon a time, there was the home swimming pool, a place and tool inextricably associated with luxury, villas or residences of at least generous dimensions. There is now the affordable pool, which, thanks to advanced technology and design, is a dream within the reach of many.

Well-being, comfort, sustainability

The Planar above-ground swimming pool by Spatium - design by Iron Sistemi, transforms and customises any type of outdoor environment into a domestic oasis of high technological and aesthetic innovation. Combining a technical-industrial language with modern design, the line is based on wellness, comfort and sustainability, and is designed for both domestic and contract outdoor spaces. The design of modular solutions for every need leaves the greatest freedom of choice, from aesthetics to materials and even the type of installation, as no building work is required for anchoring to the ground.

Total customisation

Even in the world of swimming pools, therefore, customisation is the watchword. "Operating in a B2B environment, we do not have direct contact with the end user, but from the requests and orders we receive from our customers, it is clear that customised solutions are increasingly sought in terms of sizing, materials, accessories and finishes," explain Spatium.

A sensory environment

"The swimming pool is no longer seen as a simple place to cool off during the summer season or to go for a simple swim, but as a sensory environment that can meet a wider range of needs. The Spatium models hit the market precisely because they meet these needs. All customisations are conceived primarily in terms of dimensioning and depth. The dialogue with the designers (but not only) is deepened with the use of multiple proposals for furnishing the pool: from the choice of cushions and relaxation seats to specific requests for alternative materials, to the use of methacrylate panels, plus a wide choice of accessories to install water features, whirlpools, customised waterfalls, counter-current swimming...".

Accessorised as required

The Planar model is also ideal for installation on sloping terrain, adding comfort and elegance to the relaxation space with finishes in natural materials or with the inclusion of steps and mezzanines, platforms and handrails - even on several levels - to be used as comfortable seating and sunbathing areas. Spatium pools are made of galvanised steel structural material and, thanks to a high degree of corrosion protection, are guaranteed by CE certification. They can be upgraded to become a wellness centre or gymnasium as required.

Demountable and removable

The external cladding consists of 2 mm thick sheet metal on both sides, with external panels divided into 900 mm modules and customisable on request, in all finishes from the RAL folder. In addition, the pools are completely demountable and can therefore be removed quickly after emptying. Every single detail is enhanced to tell an absolute novelty among infinity edge pools.