In Curved Air brings functional elegance to outdoor spaces

There is a third dimension in contemporary living that unites interior and exterior. It is neither taken individually, but a sort of algebraic sum of them. It is the ancient space of porticos, exedras and patios, that habitat which in the home becomes a veranda or covered garden, a place to experience nature and its breath sheltered from the elements.

The archetype of the arch

For this dimension, and not only, is In Curved Air, the lamp by Gordon Guillaumier for Platek that draws on the archetype of the arch and becomes a slender and essential domestic presence, reassuring and vibrant. Material, in the design signed by the Maltese designer with deep roots in Milan, emerges in the finishes and details, the materials and surfaces, with their ripples and smoothness, enliven the linear profile of a shape with an iconic memory, enriching it with new sensations.

A sign traced in the air

In Curved Air marks every kind of outdoor living space with its presence. The iconographic simplicity of its design is almost a sign traced in the air. And three equally simple elements - the base, the curved stem, the light source - become the starting point of a material elaboration.

Interweaving of materials

The high-quality, paste-dyed nautical ropè gives the stem great visual and tactile richness. The woven material contrasts with the brushed concrete of the base, terrazzo-polished by hand, and the smooth surface of the metal dome. The custom-made Fresnel optic is the heart of an efficient and calibrated light source.

Discreet functionality

The atmosphere that In Curved Air radiates is domestic and soothing. The lamp's technological component guarantees unswerving functionalitỳ but does so discreetly: it recedes from the scene. Rich, warm and colourful materials, imbued with a subtle irregularity, temper the rigour of the design and technical precision, instilling a sense of softness. The textile personalitỳ of the stem dialogues easily with all kinds of outdoor furniture.

Three applications

In Curved Air takes shape in three applications, to experience the outdoors in a different way depending on the moments and situations. Two floor lamps, to illuminate an outdoor living area and to accompany reading or conversation, two posts to brighten up paths or walkways, and a stake, to bring light and the right personalitỳ to flowerbeds and other green spaces.