The Illan lamp by the young Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan, a sculpture of light that vibrates with the air

Emotion at the center. That of Illan, the lamp by the young Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan, recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award in the lighting category, is a story of discovery. The first, three years ago, took place at the Salone Satellite, where the company, multi-award-winning excellence of Made in Italy, intercepts the young creative with a prototype of great charm, all played on oscillation, but at the same time sculptural and reassuring. In a word, poetic.

The next step is to engage the designer and put her in dialogue with the Luceplan technical offices. Within a few months Illan was born: a suspension lamp, the result of experimenting with laser cutting models applied to various materials. “By subjecting sheets of paper and wood to cutting geometries, these - suspended under the effect of gravity - acquire new characteristics” says Horvath. “Translucency, flexibility and the delicate undulatory movement are the hallmark of Illan. The simple concentric cut pattern shapes the wood into a sculptural three-dimensional object, which reacts to the slightest movement of air, while the warm glow of the light creates a relaxing sensation, reflecting itself on the wooden surface and oscillating harmoniously ". A lamp that the designer herself likes to define on the border between art and design, an object that "balances functionality, aesthetics and a little magic, which we need in everyday life".

The poetic vocation of the lamp is already in the name: in Hungarian, “illan” refers to something ephemeral, fleeting. "A beauty" says Zsuzsanna Horvath "that should be grasped immediately, without being distracted by the hectic everyday life, like a perfume that evaporates over time or a sensation to be grasped before it runs away".

Subject to the wave motion of the air, which always gives different shapes to the birch plywood body, Illan acquires volume due to the effect of gravity and takes on its characteristic shape that floats in the air, consequently shaping the light it emanates. Its very light body is obtained from an extremely thin and flexible wooden plywood, laser cut according to dense and equidistant lines and suspended from the ceiling. Material and technology are sustainable: the structure is made of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified wood, coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The number of components is reduced to a minimum and the production processes used have a low ecological impact. These too, features that have earned it both the recent Red Dot and, in 2020, the Design Plus powered by Light + Building 2020.

Illan is available in multiple sizes up to one meter in diameter. The suspension and power supply system of the lamp is minimally invasive and allows it to be light. The warm light LED source is positioned inside the body, in the upper part, and creates a very comfortable and relaxing diffused lighting in the surrounding space. A story that is a source of pride for the CEO Patrizia Vicenzi: "Luceplan has always been careful to identify new talents in the world of design. We immediately grasped the potential of this very poetic and immediate proposal. Thanks to a great design harmony that has been created between the designer and our technical offices, we were able to develop the concept to present it at Euroluce 2019 and it immediately received great acclaim from the international public. Today Illan is to all intents and purposes a new icon in our catalog, capable of interpreting not only new stylistic trends, but also the new challenges of sustainability ”.