Jean Marie Massaud tells Kaori: there is no refinement without simplicity

Born in 1966 in Toulouse, France, Jean-Marie Massaud is a complete industrial designer, active in the world of furniture as well as accessories. His background includes studies in aerospace engineering and a passion for architecture, then, in 1990, his graduation from the prestigious Ensci, the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. For years, Massaud has been the protagonist of a fortunate partnership with Poliform, which focuses on the world of living, interpreted above all through refined armchairs and sofas. Kaori is the latest creation for the Lombard company.

Kaori seems a 'universal' design, ideal for any space in the home but also in a hotel. What inspired you for this idea?

"Kaori is characterised by soft lines and generous volumes. Elegant in its lines, the armchair is very sophisticated, being made up of two perfectly integrated shells - the outer one in leather, the inner one softly upholstered and covered in fabric or leather. The visual comfort is matched by that of the seat, designed for maximum comfort'.

How do you design timeless furniture in a world where everything, including design, runs very fast and trends are constantly changing?

"Our shared motivation, mine and Poliform's, is to create a lifestyle that is not a trendy diktat, but a cultivated approach by offering consistent products that you can always mix and match in harmony, whatever the year of creation. We are working as much on the visible, on feeling, as on the invisible, i.e. as much on the technical development of products, on the quality of comfort and architecture, as on proposals for a better living experience".

What does it mean to design for Poliform?

"With the company, we understand each other with complicity and mutual respect. The refined simplicity, quality and timelessness of their collections is a natural context for me".

There is a special way of being fashionable without being fashionable, and it is a characteristic of Poliform: how do you contribute to this formula of elegance?

"With Poliform, we share the desire to create an experience that is always refined yet fresh through a blend and composition of simple, competent and sophisticated products. An essential chic approach, to propose elegant pieces that last over time".