With Kaori by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Lombard company sets a new universal standard for every space in the home

Among the many winning pairings in the world of design, the one between Poliform and Jean-Marie Massaud has stood out in recent years for its verticality in the field of seating: that is, for the special way in which the French designer and the Lombard company, the excellence of Made in Italy in the world, infuse ingenuity, creativity and expertise into a difficult and never predictable subject such as the design of armchairs and sofas. It is a long and successful investigation that Massaud and Poliform have been conducting for some time now - just think of the sequence of Bellport, Mondrian, Bristol and Westside sofas, the fruit of this partnership - and which in this 2022 has been enriched with a new chapter: the Kaori armchair, a truly universal piece of furniture, ideal for the home as well as for hotels, for the living room - another favourite area for Poliform's investigations - as well as for the bedroom.

Light and enveloping lines

Seen in the context of the Poliform collections, the armchair is a counterpoint to those furnishings - for example the Brera sofa - with strong architectural connotations, with its light, enveloping lines.

Visual comfort and maximum convenience

But what, in concrete terms, is Kaori? An armchair with soft lines and generous volumes, elegant in its lines and very sophisticated, consisting of two perfectly integrated shells: the outer one in leather, the inner one softly padded and upholstered in fabric or leather. The visual comfort is matched by that of the seat, designed for maximum comfort.

A nest for multiple activities

Generally speaking, Massaud's pieces for Poliform stem from an idea, from a fundamental reflection on contemporary living, namely that in homes there are no longer any rooms with precise functions. For this reason, Massaud is the spokesman for an idea of the armchair - or sofa - as a nest in which to carry out multiple activities.

Able to fit in anywhere

The style of Kaori, the designer explains, is classic and refined. "Only a compact but very comfortable armchair can fit perfectly anywhere. Like a piece of jewellery with a large stone, we inserted a very elegant but fairly light structure to make the product's profile stand out. This armchair blends naturally into living room environments, for example in the lounge or lounge area, at home or in a hotel, but it is also the armchair to have in the bedroom, or the perfect armchair for a library, to pass the time".