Respecting the original, the brand improves the strength and comfort of the modular sofa collection

BBB brings back a timeless product, the original design of which was signed by Ilaria Prato: the Polp 1 modular sofa. While respecting the original, the characteristics of resistance and comfort have been improved thanks to new materials and upholstery.

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The history of design teaches us that an iconic piece does not wane even when it is re-interpreted, "modified" to improve its technical and performance characteristics. Because design harbours a profound sense of social utility: designing objects, spaces, services capable of improving people's lives.

Crossing history with design

The history of BBB is a journey in which experimental impulses intertwine with the heritage of tradition. A progress in which design culture and creativity are at the service of a functionality supported by technological progress to serve the needs and changes of society.

Respecting the original

Keeping the original aesthetics intact, BBB has adapted the designs to today's manufacturing technology, making use of state-of-the-art production techniques: the main intervention is the use of high-performance materials that have improved the comfort of the seat, making it more welcoming. The modular seating elements allow for different combinations, adaptable to different spaces and environments.

Modularity and modularity

Overall, the resulting design is free of time constraints, contemporary and adaptable to the most diverse spaces. Polp 1 by BBB is a collection of modular sofas consisting of a wooden base in folding technology in the shape of an inverted box that acts as a container for large cushions that can be assembled to create a comfortable sofa or in an innovative way to build original islands in spaces.

Upholstery, finishes and padding

Upholstery, available in fabric and leather, allows you to play with colour and finish. The upholstery is individually pocketed springs, visco elastic and polyurethane foam. The wooden base is available with wood or lacquered finishes.