Caleido radiators are an architectural, decorative, multifunctional presence. High performance combined with innovative aesthetic research

There are products that it seems impossible to innovate, not for functional or technical reasons, but for a simple aesthetic habit. A radiator, for example, is a radiator. The typological dimension has prevailed over formal research for a very long time, allowing for small variations but essentially leaving the modular sign intact. Until it was realized that even the radiators can cross the definition of instrument and become a sculptural presence perfectly integrated in the design of an interior. This has been Caleido's work for twenty-five years.

The design of a radiator is obviously not just a question of aesthetics. There are precise functional boundaries and important work on sustainability. Caleido radiators interact with the most advanced energy saving systems and the brand pursues the improvement of ecological performance. But in this essentially technical groove, Caleido allows himself the freedom to think about the shape, the sculptural quality of the radiator. An ornamental presence as well as highly functional. And this is how innovative products are born, to the point of deserving a clear typological distinction.

This is the case of Ottolungo, which inaugurates Caleido's collaboration with Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. A project that explores different proportions and geometries, transforming the radiator into an architectural detail. “With this new product, our reflection was to think of the radiator as a detail of design and character, an object to be made to dialogue with wings, openings and light, material and color”, explain the Buratti studio. The different height measures, the possibility of being fixed both to the wall and free-standing, the hydraulic or electric functioning, allow a diversified use of the product; a sliding hooking system on the back allows the insertion of various accessories, such as towel rails and coat hangers, positioned at different heights.

Another project by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti is the 1000 righe, 100 righe collection. The design attention in this case is focused on working on the surface, which becomes a pretext for transforming the radiator into a highly decorative element. The excavation of the flat surface, to form concave vertical grooves: the first presents itself with a very dense and repetitive step, while the second expands and traces a lighter and more airy rhythm. Provided in different sizes, both vertical and horizontal, they can be used both individually and mixed together, with alternating rhythms, to compose elegant and refined radiant panels, thus creating a new type of radiator.

Caleido explores mutifunctionality also through the work of Giuseppe Bavuso. In 2018 Stilus was born, a radiator that also integrates an ornamental light function, underlined by the kindness of the curves and the softness of the light effects. The collaboration with the designer this year saw the finalization of another product that introduces different functions in the world of thermo-radiant objects. Sam is a light and easily transportable towel warmer. A nomadic object that happily solves even a decorative function, thanks to the chromatic choices. Sam is free from space-time constraints, it is light, easy to place and intended for use: it communicates with the environment in which it is installed and is completed with accessories that allow a different functionality depending on the living space in which it is located.