Sustainability, technology and innovation: the 2022 edition of Progetto Fuoco at VeronaFiere showcased the world of biomass heating among large companies in the sector and startups. In the service, a report and an overview of news selected by us

The 2022 edition of Progetto Fuoco saw innovation and environmental sustainability as great protagonists, two elements that run on the same track, around which the fate of the future of the planet is decided, essential for the biomass heating sector. From stoves to fireplaces passing through boilers, barbecues and wood and pellet stoves, the Veronese event showcased over 800 exhibitors, as well as conferences, workshops, startup pitches, practical demonstrations and training opportunities.

Progetto Fuoco confirmed its role as a privileged platform for exchanging and updating biomass heating systems, while remaining strongly business-oriented. That from biomass is a renewable, economical and safe energy. It is up to the whole sector to know how to use it intelligently, with sustainable forest management, without waste and minimizing emissions. To do this, the most important allies are technology and the desire to innovate. At the forefront, together with the large companies that have always collaborated in the development of the sector, were young innovators and startups.

Palazzetti: the new T3 platform

Palazzetti products are real intuitive and high-performance heating systems, capable of heating entire homes efficiently, in maximum comfort, and with minimum environmental impact, controlling energy consumption without sacrificing performance. One of the latest innovations applied to heat is the new T3 platform, the new high-tech engine summa of performance, efficiency and savings, a real revolution in the world of pellet heating. The platform has been completely redesigned and improved from all points of view: from the vision of the flame, to the time dedicated to cleaning, to the silence of the air ducting, all in a machine that boasts 5 stars, the highest level of environmental performance.  Pluses of the new platform are: flame vision increased by over 37%; improved and quieter AirPro2 and AirPro3 ducting thanks to a new fan anchoring system and new specular fans; hermetic by nature, it is flexible in installation thanks to the smoke outlet which can be rear or top; 50% reduction in cleaning time with unchanged performance, thanks to the new four larger diameter smoke pipes. The platform is available with a double burner configuration: the total combustion version or the static version.

Edilkamin&Co: the new EK 63 brand

Edilkamin & Co. chose Progetto Fuoco to announce the launch of the EK63 brand (1963 is the year in which the company was born). A new brand that represents the desire to share with the market the results of a smart approach to design, an innovative range of products designed for the younger generations, attentive to the technological content, to the budget and sensitive to issues related to environmental protection . EK63 products are born innovative, connected, intuitive and design. They are equipped with new electronic platforms that provide commands, radio controls and cutting-edge applications to make the use of devices instinctive even remotely, optimizing comfort, efficiency and savings.

La Nordica Extraflame: news, restyling, product evolutions

The Group presented various innovations including wood and pellet stoves, kitchens, fireplaces and thermo-products. Completely new models but also restyling and evolutions of appliances already present in the range (Prestige, Evolution and Traditional lines), all united by the desire to create ever more performing and increasingly ecological products, without sacrificing comfort and design. Absolute novelties are the possibility of integration in some pellet stoves with Alexa home automation, the "5 Stars" brazier combined with the EGR system that allows a warmer and more relaxing view of the flame and the standard Wi-Fi integrated into the board for a comfortable product management through the new Total Control 3.0 App.


Focus: the new fireplace is eco-efficient

The Focus research center has employed enormous resources in the creation of a new range of eco-performing fireplaces: equipped with closing glass panels, the Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus, with a registered design, are now Ecodesign certified and classified 4 stars according to the current legislation in Italy. A patent has been filed for the technology that is now applied to Focus's most emblematic models, capable of complying with current regulations without distorting the aesthetics: the iconic shapes of the original models have been perfectly preserved, together with the characteristic 360 ° rotation. The glass panels that seal off the hearth are frameless, offering protection from sparks while preserving heat. A technological evolution that began some time ago, which brings the Focus range to a new quality standard for energy performance. In this way, the wood fire is no longer just a pleasant and relaxing ritual, but a real alternative to other domestic air conditioning systems.

Jøtul: design, innovation, technology and a new show room

Thanks to the Clean Combustion system, Jøtul products offer high performance reducing wood consumption by up to 40%. Many enjoy the Thermal Account allowing to obtain a tax incentive up to 65% of the value of the intervention and in some regions incentives covering 95%. Among the novelties, Jøtul F400 Eco IT, a wood stove with the lowest environmental impact in the range, whose performance allows it to obtain 5 stars. And then, Jøtul F361 Advance which in the HT version offers an optional heat storage system that offers great advantages by offering design and comfort to the everyday life of those who choose it. A large luminous combustion chamber and a magnetic door offer great ease of loading. All the novelties were exhibited in the new Jøtul Group showroom in viale del Commercio 12 / a in Verona, a completely new location, in a strategic position, at the headquarters of the Group's Research and Development hub, 1 km from the Verona Fair: one thousand square meters of exhibition with the complete ranges of Ravelli, Jøtul, Scan, ILD, Atra, on display, with a total of over 100 stoves.