To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the legendary R5 is transformed into a 1970s living room. In the CasaGarage project, the passenger compartment of the car is set up with a comfortable sofa, pouf, applique, shelves and even parquet

On board the car like at home or comfortably seated on a four-wheeled sofa. However you want to see it, the creative project CasaGarage by Tuscan designers Giacomo Lazzaro and Edoardo Antonelli is a new way of experiencing the car as a design work that preserves a real own space to furnish.

Yes, because the cockpit of the Renault 5 - the famous R5 - which this year celebrates 50 years turns into a living room with recalls 70's, complete with a sofa, decorative cushions, poufs, shelves for objects, photos and plants and parquet flooring.

A living on four wheels

A stay on four wheels that celebrates the half century of one of the cult cars of the seventies. The CasaGarage project tells the art director Giacomo Lazzaro combines lifestyle, design and automotive. Creating a real living room inside what has been one of the symbols of pop culture, the legendary R5, has allowed us to combine the concept of automotive interior design with the domestic one”.

A project - made in tuscany - multi-handed

Modern, cheeky and pop, the R5 is now also in a living room version, between vintage echoes and luxury appeal, thanks to a choral project that involved several Tuscan realities.

It is a multi-handed project explains Lazzaro “that combines made in Italy, craftsmanship, quality and innovation. Edoardo Antonelli, chief designer of CasaGarage, and I completely redesigned the rear seats of the R5 and replaced the passenger seat with a pouf upholstered in velvet and high-quality wool fabrics. quality produced by the company from Prato Decobel 2.0, alternating 3D textures with smooth textures for greater comfort and a distinctive style. To give a touch of uniqueness to the vehicle is the parquet instead of the rubber mats, like the floor of a living roomi.

Restyling (and comfort) inside but also outside the car

A real living room inside the car, the one created by the two Tuscan designers, which can be created inside any car.

Photo shelves, plants and furnishing accessories tells Antonelli give a touch of elegance to the passenger compartment of the vehicle, enhancing the spaces illuminated by wall lamps custom designed in collaboration with the Pistoian company Estro. The redesign of the headlights instead reinterprets the style of Venetian blinds embellishing it thanks to the use of brass, a precious material that makes the R5 even more elegant and timeless.

A mini house...

The Renault 5 reworked by CasaGarage is configured as a mini house, both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The exterior of the car adds Lazzaro has been completely repainted with a special paint which, thanks to a material texture , recalls the sensation of a plastered wall to the touch.

... in three tones

We have used three shades thanks to the collaboration with the company from Prato Storm, specialized in racing cars, one offs and restorations. The brown of the roof recalls the color of the terracotta tiles, while the two-tone painting on the side is composed of a Ral 9001 cream white, neutral color usually used for homes, and a lavender stripe that pays homage to Provence.

Furniture blends with automotive elements

Many projects for the future of the two young Tuscan designers. With CasaGarage conclude Lazzaro and Antonelli the furniture blends with automotive elements and the architectural space is transformed into an automotive interior vision. It would be an honor to be able to collaborate with major car manufacturers to create pieces with a unique design, capable of excite every single enthusiast.