Project Adam D. Tihany
Photos Eric Laignel
Text Matteo Vercelloni

A protagonist of interior design of exclusive hotels and restaurants all over the world, Adam Tihany recently completed the project of the new Veranda Cafe inside the shopping mall The Avenues, in the Harvey Nichols space, a temple of fashion in Kuwait City As in all his projects, once again Tihany has organized the space as an intimate, welcoming place of great emotional impact, an architectural enclosure intentionally distinguished from the shopping galleria it faces, a kind of sculptural grotto that plays with combinations of geometries and materials.

The mirror-finish stainless steel made and supplied by Marzorati Ronchetti is bent into fractal geometric forms and volumetric crystals to form the surprising paneling that wraps the staircase, developing inside the etched glass tower of the central elevator. The steel, with its strident geometries, joins the access to the shopping galleria to the space on the first floor, offering a series of compositional episodes: from a wall covering that continues on the ceiling with three-dimensional cusps, it spreads to the parapet and concludes in the reception counter, in a striking narrative of fragmented reflections that multiply and deform the surrounding space. The dynamic design of the entrance, which combines the regular glass monolith of the elevator with the mutable sequence of steel forms, corresponds to the enveloping compositional solution of the dining room, where the wall clad in wood, opened with large views of the space of the shopping mall below, is joined by the sinuous, sculptural solution of the design of the ceiling and the solid wall on the other side. In a seamless arrangement, a dense series of blades of variable shape are placed parallel, alternating with accents of light, creating a kind of sculptural tunnel that joins in a single cocoon-like form the wall and roof, as in an architectural womb that protects and surrounds guests and visitors. The relationship between warm and cool, soft forms and angular geometries, reflects the design philosophy, also in relation to the different ways of using the spaces. The path of access in motion, surrounded by fragmented reflections and an implied static dynamism of the architectural skin, meets on the first level with a more sunny and silent atmosphere, marked by warm, diffused lighting, harmonious figures and natural materials like wood and marble. As in the table-spheres arranged along the waiting divan that marks the division between the two moments of the architectural and sensorial path, while also indicating the level shift that announces the entry into the restaurant dining room itself. Here the tables and high-back chairs create independent, intimate islands, with custom furnishings in different configurations.