Between fashion and design, Antonio Marras' ceramic creations speak of fusion, beauty and poetry

Three hundred unique pieces painted by hand in a historic Apulian company: with his unmistakable style, the designer Antonio Marras experiments with a new sphere of action.

Casa Marras presents a collection made completely by hand, comprising vases, cake stands, decorative dishes and bowls, and a second more ‘industrial’ collection called I fratelli Pois (pronounced in the Sardinian manner), made with the decal technique.

A project begun a few years ago at the suggestion of the Sardinian artist Maria Lai, it took shape with the construction of a kiln and in collaboration with Fratelli Colì, a historic Apulian company active since 1650 at Cutrofiano (Lecce), where the legendary brothers Giuseppe, a magical potter, and Donato carry on with wisdom and passion the ceramic culture handed down from generation to generation.

Marras loves to try his hand at unknown worlds, fascinated by fusions of the different arts. Only by crossing, composing and combining can new visions be born.

I am fascinated by dirtying, smearing, making impure, bringing in contact surfaces, objects, immaculate and distant sources to discover their effects and be surprised”, he says. “I like to work with my hands and shape matter, even if it is the firing that is decisive.

The themes dear to Marras’s aesthetic, which he normally expresses in styling fashion collections, are also found in his work with ceramics: travel, memory, bonds, the love of the very personal craft detail. 

And so the art of tableware again plays a fundamental role, of union, intimacy and sharing.