The BGX60 offers a new approach to life on board through a new layout with a redesign of its spaces and circulation. In this way the sea and those aboard establish an ever closer bond

Yacht design is a rather traditional field and tried and trusted schemes are rarely subverted. This is not the case with Bluegame, a brand of Sanlorenzo, which in the BGX60 has dared to develop bold new ideas highly appreciated by yacht owners, presenting them with an innovative layout and indicating new ways of living on board. A concept that is very dear to the architect Santella, head of product strategy at the shipbuilder, and to Zuccon International Project, which is conducting studies in depth on the subject and applying them aboard the most recent Bluegame craft, including the BGX60 and Sanlorenzo. The spaces and paths of circulation (already tested on its big sister the BGX70) have been rethought to create an ever closer bond between the sea and those aboard.

A “revolution” starting from the lower deck, traditionally devoted to the layout of the cabins and service areas, but here elevated to the main floor and opening onto the sea. “The strength of the BGX60 is its layout,” says Luca Santella, architect and Olympic sailor who promoted the concept. “It creates especially attractive areas in terms of livability and usability.” The yacht has a spectacular lounge that  is accessed from the large beach area in contact with the sea; the living area in turn is connected to the large owner’s cabin amidships. In practice, these three spaces (beach-lounge-cabin) are the fulcrum of the owner’s life on board, connected to each other by a fluid pathway. “The BGX60 is an owner-centric boat,” says Carla Demaria, ceo of Bluegame, “The centrality of the owner here has one of its greatest expressions; privacy or conviviality are at the owner’s discretion". An internal staircase connects the living room on the lower deck with the main deck: an open space with helm station, kitchen and a further living area with dining table; while a second staircase descends into the guest cabin located in the bow. Outside, the saloon and on the hard top a large area for relaxation and sunbathing.

“To make the rooms more spacious, considering the size of the yacht (18 meters overall length) we have presented light tones and natural fabrics, in harmony with the marine setting, together with glazed and mirrored materials that amplify the spaces,” explains Bernardo Zuccon. Most of the furnishings are custom designed. There is no lack of freestanding elements where needed and to recreate the atmosphere of home, such as the Poltrona Frau sofa in the living room and Paola Lenti’s outdoor elements in the external areas. The surprises of Bluegame do not end here: BG72, a novelty presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show, goes further and combines all the advantages of an open boat with all the advantages of the BGX range, including the original lower deck and comfortable Flybridge, resulting in a yacht that will bring lovers of the two types of boats together while rejecting all compromises.