An immersive portal inspired by Boccaccio's Decameron: 10 values, 10 cities, 10 stories that tell Tuscany to support - virtually but also physically - over 100 companies in the design sector

The beauty of Tuscany, that of its cities and the nature that surrounds them, that of the history and culture of which it is permeated and that of the wisdom of craftsmanship declined through cutting-edge technologies to restart with enthusiasm after the pandemic.

With these assumptions and with the support, among others, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, B(u)Y Design, an online platform for integrated promotion, both virtual and physical, once internationalization of the furniture-design system made in Tuscany, combined with a incoming plan: welcome and meetings in local companies with selected high-level operators from all over the world.

Highly engaging virtual and physical experiences

Inspired in its configuration by Decameron by Boccaccio, B(u)Y Design proposes virtual meetings, through a interactive platform, and physicists to promote Tuscan design and craftsmanship 4.0, together with tourism and the territory. To overcome the difficulties caused by international emergencies, the new portal crosses borders and restrictions, be they of a health or international political nature, creating in the user a great emotional involvement, immersing it in the typical atmosphere of Tuscany and transferring the suggestions of the different cities to innovative and sustainable furniture and lighting products, all of high quality, made by local companies.

Meetings between 100 Tuscan companies and international architectural firms

B (u) Y Design intends to bring to Tuscan companies selected international operators in the world of design - famous architectural firms from the Arab and Asian world, but also from Africa, the Americas, as well as Europe - and, when this is not possible, let them meet virtually, through the portal, with the 30 Tuscan companies chosen for the 'showcase' and the others involved in B2B , for a total of over 100 companies in the furniture, lighting, accessories, outdoor sectors, belonging to the different areas: residential, hospitality and commercial areas.

The B(u)Y Design platform allows two accesses: one of virtual experience , open to all, the other of B2B meeting for operators and companies subject to login.

The stories of Bocaccios Decameron

With a strong immersive charge, the portal is inspired by Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio written in the 14th century: the 100 short stories that compose it recur in the 10 videos associated with 10 words / rooms but also typically Tuscan stories/values, in a parallelism between contemporaneity and the mid-1300s, for example to evoke the rebirth after the pandemic, hoping for a new Humanism and a renewed Renaissance.

Tuscan companies in showcase

Representative of Tuscan excellences, among the companies that are told on the platform through 3 products that appear in 10 videos dedicated to 10 keywords stand out antoniolupi, Arketipo, Arnolfo di Cambio, Bitossi Ceccotti Collezioni, Edra, Egizia, Ginori 1735, IVV, Coltellerie Berti, Opinion Ciatti, Martinelli Luce, Marioni, Mirabilia / Formitalia, Pampaloni, Poltronova, RCR Cristalleria Italiana, Segis, Terzani, Toncelli Cucine.

10 rooms, 10 cities, 3 products from 30 companies

The products of the 30 companies representative of Tuscan excellence are told in 10 rooms how many Tuscan provinces. Each room symbolizes a city and hosts 3 design pieces united by a keyword explaining the close relationship that the product has with the territory: innovation, heritage, nature, stories, sociability, rituals, awareness, balance, work and landscape.

The 10 videos dedicated to each of the words show the three selected products focusing not only on interior design, but on integer 'emotional package' that distinguishes the zone and the value it embodies, thus emphasizing identity - competitive - of Tuscany famous all over the world.

The support of the institutions

"B(u)Y design" explain the creators "is a multisensory event which, thanks to the support of ICE - Agency for promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, the Region of Tuscany, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University of Florence and regional sector associations, tip to attract international operators and to fill the moments of meeting with customers and intermediaries lost in recent months (for example Salone del Mobile)".

The contribution of the Tuscan design district

The president of ICE Carlo Ferro in his speech underlined the results achieved in 2020-2021 as a record period with 516 billion exports. A figure that means the definitive exit, at least from an export point of view, from the impact of the pandemic. In the design system, which marks + 5.3% in the first 11 months of 2021 compared to the same months of 2019, the Tuscan district has made an important contribution, having exported 1 billion euros of value of the products (exactly € 1,019,000,000 relating to the abitare-design system, ie furniture, furniture, ceramics, crystal, accessories, artistic craftsmanship) with 5,500 Companies (furniture, accessories) and 18,000 Employees.

A tool to overcome barriers and bring potential buyers closer

"Design is one of our business cards in the world" comments Leonardo Marras, councilor for the economy of the Tuscany Region" and this new virtual showcase will make the sector even stronger and close to potential international buyers. The idea of ​​a promotion and B2B platform was born to meet the needs dictated by the pandemic, but I am convinced that it will also be an element of momentum and innovation for a sector that is halfway between crafts and art".

"B(u)Y Design" explains Piero Pii , president of the Centro Sperimentale del Mobile, creator of the project "was in fact created to launch the production sector of high quality furniture, in particular to overcome the barriers that have arisen in international contingencies such as the pandemic or, now, the Ukrainian crisis and which weigh on the small and medium-sized companies of which Tuscany is dotted".

6 meetings in Tuscany with 80 international operators

The B(u)Y Design project will welcome in Tuscany, through 6 different incoming companies in the various production areas, small groups of design studios selected from all over the world, to a total of about 80 operators . The project will develop over the next few months until May 2023.