by K.C.

We were used to thinking about the mimetic quality of ceramics as a matter of imitation of stone materials.

But now wood comes along as the main source of aesthetic inspiration, and a new territory of experimentation for porcelain stoneware tiles. A decorative trend, of course, but also a response to a precise market request, that of facings and floors with a warm, natural look, but also with great performance. The natural/ artificial dichotomy is based on the technological prowess of Italian firms in this sector, which thanks to digital printing manage to reproduce the colors and grains of specific types of wood, varying the graphic effects, the hues and effects of wood staining or workmanship. The range of proposals is a wide one, shifting pure imitation toward a more creative (and honest) reinterpretation. In any case, performance characteristics are the key to the success of these products: never changing over time, impervious to light and atmospheric agents, resistant to mechanical stress.