Halfway between art, craftsmanship, design: how can an international project with a high creative intensity be born to respond to the forced pause of recent times?

To react to the countless cancellations of exhibitions and collaborations in 2020, Rotterdam-based designers Adrianus Kundert and Toronto-based Jamie Wolfond founded Basketclub, an online response to encourage sharing between designers, artisans and the outdoor company Dedon.

Starting from the common passion for the art of weaving, the designers have joined Basketclub as a digital platform in which to exchange ideas, prototypes, inspirations and comments. With the support of Dedon, the designers eager to participate in the project receive the brief and the material to create an object woven in Dedon fiber.

Each month the theme changes and is inspired by a different emoji: Sun of May is the emoji of the smiling sun, a symbol of Argentine and Venezuelan independence. Chloé Sos, marketing director of Dedon says: “We love the way Basketclub harnesses the possibilities of social media and digital collaboration to keep the traditions of the artisans alive and relevant. Basketclub designers are incredibly resourceful and talented, and the Sun of May emoji is the perfect brief for Dedon, considering our love of the outdoors.”.

From the woven glasses by Kris Kabel to the lamp by Lorenza Bozzoli to the basket by Studio Satël ... every designer felt free to express their imagination. Some designers already collaborate with the company: Lorenza Bozzoli with Porcini coffee tables, Stephen Burks with The Others lanterns and with the Dala collections and the new suspended chair Kida and Sebastian Herkner with Mbrace and Mbarq.

All ideas are shared worldwide on @_basketclub_ and @dedon_official.

“My sun mask makes you spin with the sun like a sunflower, behind this narrative fan you can observe the outdoors thanks to the integrated sunglasses while making the people around you smile. It's about casually enjoying moments of sunshine!”, so Sebastian Herkner tells the sun mask.

Stephen Burks, who created a maxi-weave parasol, explains “using only the largest Dedon fiber, I opted for a gesture that falls somewhere between abstract, elegant and absurd. From the start, I wanted to do something dramatic and completely unrealistic formally and technically. I saw it as an opportunity to avoid what I already knew about baskets and weaving to focus on the thing itself. How can it make you feel free and still protected? How should it relate to the sun and the body? How could it express summer in the city and transport you, even if you're not going anywhere?”.

“A fan made to keep you cool on sunny days! I wanted to take advantage of Dedon materials using an open knotting technique to create a playful yet functional shape”. Rebecca Collins.

“Who hasn't tried to work or read in the garden on a sunny day? In addition to the good vibes and vitamin D, I have thought about eye protection. so i wanted to weave a nice parasol to drop a little shadow right above my book or my screen. And leave everything else in the sun”. Rein Reitsma.

“Let's have fun with a picnic in the sun! We have woven a basket to protect the food to carry on our walks”. Studio Satël.