On 3 June INTERNI launches the INTERNI Design Journal, an online magazine to observe the world around us from the perspective of design. Opinions, stories and new products for 2020.

The preparation has been frenetic, during lockdown. But now INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL is ready to go online, starting on 3 June. So the time has come to explain its logic and its thinking.

INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL is an online magazine conceived as a journal printed on paper.

What does that mean?

 First of all, it is released on specific dates, with a cover.

In June, every day, like a daily newspaper; from 3 July, every 7 days, like a weekly, but with daily updates. Each issue is announced by means of a Newsletter.

Another affinity with paper publications is the importance assigned to photographic research, not as mere illustration, but as a fundamental aspect of the story.

Above all, just like INTERNI, each issue of INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL has a theme.



In INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL we talk about things that matter to us, that make us reflect, think and also get indignant at times.

Very serious things, like the social media, safety, security, work, mutations. But also very emotional things, like love, seduction and even boredom.




INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL presents different, well-informed viewpoints, sometimes contradicting each other but always offered to make readers reflect and above all to provide them with the tools through which to understand what design has to do with all this – all this experience that goes by the name of “life.”

We do it by providing space for people who take clear and interesting positions on our selected themes (the OPINIONS section), and by leaving the complete picture up to our journalists, offering a full range of perspectives (the STORIES section).




Every day, we will talk about five design products. New developments for 2020 we were supposed to see at the Salone.

Each product is explained in an article, with a series of questions and answers: the questions we all ask, when we play the role of the consumer. What’s so special? How is it made? Where is it manufactured, and by whom?

Again in this case, what we offer readers is not a judgment, but the tools to make their own judgments.

Every day we grant visibility to the protagonists of the world of design, with videos – often self-produced – from companies, to narrate stories and/or products.


Every publication is a team effort


INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL has been created because the editor of INTERNI, Gilda Bojardi, an incorrigible visionary, has decided to believe in something different: a website that does not chase clicks, but attentive, enthusiastic readers.

INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL begins as digital support for the special issue of INTERNI in June – which with 170 interviews about the restart and a portfolio of new products for 2020 instantly become a collector’s item. Few publications would be able to offer such a complete overview.

INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL has been invented and developed during lockdown, through remote working, at a distance, in the midst of all kinds of difficulties and challenges, thanks to an editorial staff – that of INTERNI – made of extraordinary, expert and highly organized people. As well as a network of collaborators, precious contributors often encountered thanks to the generosity with which they have cooperated with my e-magazine DesignAtLarge. Not many people would have been so ready to come aboard on a new project, in a moment of objective difficulty for all.

Particular thanks go to Claudia Foresti: her creative input (and endless precision) have been fundamental.

On 3 June, the Journal won’t be as perfect as we hoped. But as Sorrentino says, “true beauty has flaws.” Which means we can be certain that in time, together, we can make INTERNI DESIGN JOURNAL even more beautiful.

To receive the newsletter, please write to: interni@mondadori.it