Renovated in its interior design, the Fonteverde spa resort, nestled in the hills of the Val d’Orcia, gives a regenerating well-being thanks to the beneficial properties of the thermal waters

A palace born on a thermal spring from a portico of the Renaissance, as a tribute to the regenerating power of water. Fonteverde, the spa resort of Italian Hospitality Collection in San Casciano dei Bagni, in Tuscany from Siena, has been renovated thanks to the impressive (and skilful) project signed by the Garibaldi Architects which involved all the rooms. The rooms, common areas and the spa have been enhanced by preserving their history but giving them a sober style, with measured and 'refreshed' classic elegance, in addition to all contemporary comforts.

Val d’Orcia and the de Medici family

Overlooking the gullies and hills, vineyards and olive groves of Val d'Orcia, the building that houses the 5-star hotel is the residence Renaissance born on a portico built in 1607 by Grand Duke Ferdinando I de' Medici in San Casciano dei Bagni, an ancient village known for its springs millenary from which spring thermal waters with beneficial properties that strengthen the body.

Now Fonteverde presents itself with a new look to welcome its guests in an ancient and prestigious building that is at the same time a refuge out of time, where typically Italian hospitality is combined with a new dimension of wellness, thanks to the thermal park of 5 thousand square meters that surrounds it.

The benefits of thermal waters

The water of the source, born from the aquifer of Monte Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, fills the spectacular outdoor and indoor panoramic swimming pools, as well as pools dedicated to multi-sensory treatments for wellness and relaxation. The thermal pools are in fact fed by natural springs of pure water, rich in precious minerals with a therapeutic effect - calcium, fluorine, magnesium and sulfur whose anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help the body improve muscle tone and the nervous system to relax -which flows at a temperature of 38 to 42 ° C.

The wide range of health and beauty treatments for face and body and the programs aimed at regaining a balanced energy between body and mind combine the properties of the substances concentrated in the thermal waters with the advice of specialists, western medicine to the most ancient oriental tradition. In particular, the famous (and charismatic) Indian master Kuldeepak Kathait, aka Dipu, has been working in Fonteverde for more than 20 years, specialized in Ayurvedic massage and expert in osteopathy. Those proposed are therefore real holistic paths aimed at psychophysical well-being.

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The renewal of spaces

The renovation project was handled by Alessia Garibaldi of the Milanese studio Garibaldi Architects, specialized in interior design for the hospitality sector, whose interventions are characterized by the 'investigation and respect of the history of places aimed at creating functional environments with elegance as refined as it is measured, in a constant dialogue between past and present. For Fonteverde, the architects started from the image of the ancient residence which, famous for its thermal waters, was a fixed stop on the Grand Tour to interpret it in a contemporary key, in aesthetic continuity with the pre-existing architectural elements.

“Fonteverde is an oasis of peace, a true paradise of well-being, in one of the most beautiful settings in Tuscany”, explains Marcello Cicalò, operational director of the Italian Hospitality Collection. “We are enthusiastic about the intervention developed by the Garibaldi Architects studio that enhances this place full of history devoted to hospitality”.

“Fonteverde has always welcomed a cultured and refined clientele, a lover of beauty” explains the General Manager of the hotel Antonello del Regno. “All the spaces have become even more functional and welcoming, from the rooms to the bar and restaurant areas to the spa, to satisfy even more the needs of comfort, privacy and relaxation of our guests”.

The materials and the Tuscan style

To restore the original atmosphere given to the Tuscan style , simple and sober, characterized by white walls, terracotta floors, stone pilasters and exposed structural elements, a palette has been studied which has declined the colors of natural materials in more contemporary shades: so the white has become ivory, the gray of the pietra serena is faded into a dove gray, the nuances of terracotta and earth have been translated into leather upholstery and padded items.

History and works of art

The project could only start from the family history de' Medici and from the palace that the Grand Duke wanted to raise on a thermal spring, as a tribute to the regenerating power of water.

In the reception area the portraits of the Grand Prince Ferdinando, his wife Christina of Lorraine and his son Cosimo II, part of a large collection of ancient art exhibited in Fonteverde, welcome guests. Another collection of portraits of the Florentine school is enhanced by a dark green wallpaper with gold brocade designs. The paintings with a dark background are emphasized by the new lighting design project that gives light both to the works and to the backdrop of the counter, in turn embellished with a marble coating green.

In the corridors the paintings, works of art and original structural elements emerge from the walls repainted in two shades, ivory and gray, which uniform the access path to the rooms. The engravings, geographical maps and furniture of the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries have been relocated in a more contemporary and scenographic way inside the rooms and in the passageways.

The rooms

The bedrooms have undergone a radical transformation that has changed their atmosphere - brighter and more airy - making them more measured in style and balanced in nuances. What you breathe is a whispered, sober and sophisticated elegance. The new furnishings, some contemporary, others more in line with the Tuscan tradition, all made to order, stand out for their refined but simple, geometric and at the same time soft shapes.

Inspired by the moldings of Tuscan buildings and the two-tone bands of the churches of Florence and Siena, the headboard of the beds is defined by a darker frame which, like the carpets and curtains, plays on the elegant black and white contrast. In some rooms the side mirrors above the bedside tables broaden the perception of space; in others, above the headboard, the wallpaper with floral themes is framed as if it were a hunting scene that stands out on the wall of a country house.

The suites

From timeless elegance, the suites, all different from each other in configuration and size, have a more classic, where the history component of the resort prevails: the rooms become more sumptuous but at the same time enveloping. To characterize the spaces, the headboard, wider and more scenographic: inspired by the tradition of tanning Tuscan leathers, it has the rounded volumes of the saddles and the warm and velvety shades of dark brown. They are complemented by works of art, antique desks and lounges.

The restaurants

Fonteverde offers different environments where you can taste the excellence of the products of the Tuscan territory, enhanced by fine wines from the cellars of the area.

The main restaurant is Ferdinando I, from whose loggia you can enjoy a privileged view of the Val d’Orcia hills. The room has been redesigned as an orangery , an eclectic space punctuated by large windows from which abundant natural light enters. Under the cross vaults, the new Vienna straw chandeliers, the powder pink armchairs and the renovated antique chairs interact with the green of the garden. The Il Falconiere bar has also been completely refurbished: the new lounge area intertwines a linear design with more classic elements such as upholstered seats, curtains and fine fabrics.

Il Falconiere bar has been completely refurbished: the new lounge area intertwines a linear design with more classic elements such as upholstered seats, curtains and precious fabrics. La Corte restaurant extends into spatial and stylistic continuity. The breakfast room has also been redesigned: now it is brighter, decorated in shades of cerulean blue with delicate geometric silver inserts.

Finally, a new look also for the two spaces, with double entrances, which house a fashion boutique and La Bottiglieria with wines and gastronomic products of the territory.

The spa

The beating heart of the project is the renewal of the spa. You enter the spa area wrapped in a suggestive atmosphere, guided only by the light of the lanterns and golden niches that enhance the collection of archaeological finds protected by the Superintendency. Crossing the path, total brown walls and floors illuminated by evocative golden prismatic structures, which connects the hotel to the spa, you are greeted by the light: the rooms set up with light-colored furnishings are characterized by portals newly built that functionally divide the treatment areas. The precious Medici collection of papers drawn in pencil has been gathered on a single wall, thus enhancing its importance and state of conservation. The completely redesigned relaxation area houses the new Juice bar with a contemporary style.

Beneficial paths (also for animals)

Among the proposed beneficial circuits proposed Bioaquam, which unfolds, between light baths and 22 hydromassage jets, in a large thermal pool partly internal and partly exterior with a panoramic view of the Val d'Orcia, and the Etrusco with sauna, turkish bath and grotto. And there is even a thermal pool for dogs. Yes, because animals are welcome guests at Fonteverde. The stay does not include any additional cost and offers many dedicated services, as well as a complete kit, consisting of blanket, towel and bowl.

Thanks to the depth of the source and the continuous exchange, the a pure natural water is used in spas, spas and swimming pools without any treatment. In addition to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, to which are added the antitoxic and metabolic effects for the liver, the thermal water makes the skin smooth and radiant. Used as an aerosol it is valuable for the respiratory system and, among other benefits it brings to the nervous systems, endocrine and immune, is a source of calcium and electrolytes for those who drink it, especially for athletes.

Ancient practices and contemporary declensions

The selection based on the quality of the food and wines of the area and the attention to nutritional values of the diet, together with the thermal water and its undisputed beneficial properties, make Fonteverde, keeper of ' ancient practice of Salus per Aquam - pure natural water that strengthens the body and its defenses - the ideal location - historical, prestigious and at the same time welcoming and contemporary - to regenerate body and spirit, in the name of wellbeing - healthy and relaxing, harmonious and balanced.