Fabio Novembre designed the Favij and Pow3r gaming rooms, creating super-technological and multifunctional environments, tailored to the personalities of young but established content creators

WSC - Web Stars Channel, the digital company behind Defhouse, the Italian Content House inhabited by young influencers, has developed a new project: the creation of two gaming rooms designed ad hoc by Fabio Novembre for Favij, a content creator with over 9 million followers on YouTube and Instagram, and Pow3r, a Twitch streamer and pro-player from the international e-sports team Fnatic. The project was created to enable them to stay increasingly connected with their communities, thanks to the potential of technology.

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The project, entrusted by WSC to Novembre Studio, started with the aim of creating two different gaming rooms, tailored to the personalities of the two content creators. On the one hand, Favij, a spontaneous and ironic guy based in Milan, who has fun with gameplay in his videos.  He is also passionate about Japan, videogames, Harry Potter and Funko Pop. On the other hand Pow3r, an Adidas athlete and a fashion and design enthusiast. Pow3r is also Pro player and member of the gaming group FNATIC. He is a Twitch pioneer and has an unbridled passion for technology and hardware, as well as adoring Star Wars and lightsabers.


Both spaces represent the gamer's ideal alcove: an immersive experience that is not only aimed at gaming, but that creates stimulating environments where the protagonist is the technology combined with a unique and refined design. Vodafone's iconic red becomes a symbol of the power of the network and of technology inside: transforming every corner into a potential set for their content. At the same time, they are extremely comfortable places, perfect for more intimate and relaxing moments.

“As a designer my duty is to tell the story of the time we live in, and our contemporary world is a mix of the physical and the digital. These guys are established professionals who turn that mix into a show. I have always designed spaces that bring people together, and in these two flats more people arrive at the same time than in a football stadium,” says Fabio Novembre.

Technology is a separate issue.

A multi-set system has been developed that will allow the two creators to produce live streaming content in continuity, even moving from one room of their flats to another, as in a real television studio.

Favij's Gaming Room

The design of Favij's flat has different souls. Each room has been studied to deal with the theme of gaming, but from different points of view, always following the youtuber's approach.

On the one hand there is a corner with an approach linked to the '80s, both in terms of design with neon and sci-fi graphics both for the inclusion of a themed arcade. On the other, the living room becomes an area for more relaxed contents and for gaming linked to consoles: in this environment LEDs and shapes become more contemporary, as do Kartell's design pieces. Compared to the past, Favij will also be able to communicate in a more intimate and direct way with his fans in a dedicated environment, a high-tech red booth. In the gaming room, on the other hand, the environment becomes more intense: the diffuse black and the dynamic lights draw attention to the gamer's performance. Obviously, there are also more pop objects that refer to Favij's passions, such as the Robox bookcase that winks at Japanese anime world, the computer that dispenses snacks aand the spaceship-themed door.

Pow3r’s Gaming Room

Pow3r has a very design and style conscious spirit, and its design inevitably reflects these passions. The space is divided into two blocks: one dedicated to gaming and the other to more relaxed live events. In the first, the colors are dark and contrasting LEDs invade the space; the figure of the hexagon recurs on the walls with graphics and in the design of the retro-lit collectible trainer display. In the second, the atmosphere is sunnier: the light bounces naturally off the large iridescent silver curtains that form the backdrop. The central space is occupied by designer armchairs from Driade and a large simulator.