A history that runs in parallel to that of Milan: built in 1880 by Opera Pia Borella, purchased in 1930 by Società Ricordi (hence the name), expanded by the architect Pierluigi Magistretti (father of Vico), reconstructed in the postwar era by Asnago & Vender, to other protagonists of Milanese architecture in the 1900s, today Palazzo Ricordi has a new lease on life.

Thanks to an outstanding renovation project that has made it a sustainable gem, one of the greenest buildings in Milan. The results were achieved through teamwork involving the architecture studio Parisotto+Formenton Architetti, F&M Ingegneria, ESA engineering, and the consulting of Evotre for energy certification.

Together they have transformed the historical building into a masterpiece of efficiency that has received the prestigious LEED Core&Shell Gold level certification (the oldest building in the world to achieve this goal).

The renewal was a complex job of major renovation involving structure, enclosure, internal layout and the entire physical plant system for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Text by Laura Ragazzola – Photos by Paolo Utimpergher

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The internal courtyard has been recovered as a lively, dynamic space, and a glass meeting room has been created with a view of the cathedral.
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The renovation of the building has not altered the period facades, while redesigning the interior layout.
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View of the internal stairs.