Ever in Art experiences the hybridization between real and digital dimensions, through multi-sensory and immersive installations that bring art to animate (also) private spaces

In New York, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Florence the immersive exhibitions are sold out.

They are exhibitions capable of catapulting the visitor into the universe of works otherwise usable in a simply two-dimensional way. And it is precisely from the desire to re-propose this multi-sensory atmosphere even in private contexts that the initiatives Ever in Art Exclusive Projects, the reality that combines the majesty of the physical work with the potential of digital giving life to private installations - in villas, yachts, gardens - emphasizing and enhancing traditional art in elite salons.

A trend that can be used in domestic environments

Ever in Art makes use of the collaboration of architects and interior designers to propose immersive art forms that meet the client's personal style: elaborated through multiple technologies to create all-encompassing experiences, they are creations that enliven domestic or outdoor spaces in an engaging way, opening the doors to unexplored dimensions and new worlds of private entertainment.

These are hybrid works, obtained from the meeting of sculpture and painting, but also of texts, music, illustrations and project design.

The three pillars of Ever in Art Exclusive Projects: dynamism, immersion and customization

Classical works of art are mostly immobile and contemplative.

Ever in Art instead develops non-linear, dynamic, visual or sound concepts, which penetrate and evolve over time, designed to involve multiple senses.

New forms and techniques of multimedia and immersive visual representation emerge from the canvas and matter, contaminating everyday objects and transforming the paradigms of conventional art.

"The immersive art forms that we offer to our customers manipulate digital images through multiple technologies of a perceptive and participatory nature, where sounds, colors and lights merge with physical art to create revolutionary art installations, which we insert in a sometimes harmonious, sometimes deliberately disruptive way, creating exclusive, refined atmospheres, with color palettes capable of arousing amazement and emotions", says the architect Celia Stefania Centonze, partner of Ever in Art and head of the Exclusive Projects team.

"Thanks to collaborations with artists who use forms of avant-garde technology", continues Celia, "we are able to create enveloping installations, capable of providing fulfilling and multi-sensory experiences. But also interactive. In fact, it is possible to go as far as futuristic art forms so evolved as to allow the representations to be 'manipulated' and 'modified'".

The new frontiers of art

With the rapid evolution of the art world, experiments in terms of new applications also arrived.

The works of art intended for the physical world are now marrying with the digital universe, both as faithful replicas of the 'real' artifact, thanks to the transposition on NFT, and as physical-digital integration to enjoy hybrid and unpublished experiences.

This dualism represents a new opportunity for the present and the future of art; the possibility of joining the two worlds – physical and virtual – in fact becomes a new medium for artists and a new possibility of fruition for collectors.

Clean Water, Please: Ever in Art's debut also in the Metaverse

Ever in Art's debut project Clean Water, Please was conceived by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli in collaboration with the Associazione Gondolieri Sommozzatori Volontari di Venice, who, on the occasion of the Visual Art Biennale, immersed themselves in a performance for the garbage collection in the depths of the lagoon.

The re-emerged objects found their place on the typical Venetian boat and were painted by Marco Nereo Rotelli with blue Klein, the color of infinity.

Thus was born the 'poetic gondola, exhibited at the Naval History Museum of the Navy, which then continued its journey – real and virtual – towards Milan: during the Design Week the gondola was the protagonist of the FuoriSalone 2022, in the Cortile d'Onore of the State University, up to the landing at the Isola delle Zattere at the Old Port of Genoa for the Biophilia exhibition, the Art and Environment Biennial of the Ligurian capital.

Finally, thanks to an international team of technological partners, Ever in Art has produced a series of NFTs dedicated to the poetic gondola and its path for the protection of the marine environment.

In fact, the artistic performance is now also present in the Metaverse, where it can be 'navigated' three-dimensionally by the Spatial app.

Immersion in the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan

Ever in Art has also recently organized a soirèe at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan: a play of vibrant lights made the indoor garden interactive and the facades of the building, recreating an immersive light art installation. The precious fountain in the stairwell, visible only from the Orangerie, was also the protagonist of a lighting system simulating the reflection of the water.

An event that highlighted the synthesis of the three areas of application of Ever in Art's luminous artistic installations, capable of enhancing not only the interiors, but also the exteriors and gardens.

The phygital art cannot be missing from the web3 architecture

The new way of collecting and using works of art, alternative and complementary to the traditional one, creates a meeting point between physical and digital space that can be interpreted as the beginning of 'phygital' experiences more significant. Furniture and new technologies will therefore also be able to find a new meeting space, creating perfect symbiosis within domestic spaces, capable of providing functionality and design.

Overcoming the limits imposed by the material of the artistic proposals of Ever in Art fits into this new evolutionary trend, with customized installations based on the client's style and artistic sensibility and of his home, exploiting the immense potential offered by technology applied to art to emphasize and enhance any environment.

Not only that: one of the emerging markets with the advent of the Metaverse is the virtual real estate one, made up of meeting places, houses, offices. Bringing the integration between art and digital creative technologies into this new ecosystem is a potential that the Exclusive Projects division of Ever in Art allows to fully grasp, thanks to the unique opportunity for collectors and lovers of beauty to own objects whose digital copy it can also be used in their personal virtual space, where there are no limits to creativity.