photos Emanuele Zamponi by Valentina Croci

Abandoned industrial buildings host young international talents in an almost berlin-like atmosphere.

Self-production, new forms of crafts and limited editions for art-design galleries, the leitmotiv of the most experimental zone of design week  

Design Academy Eindhoven presents the exhibition Linking Process, curated by Miriam Van Der Lubbe, on the phases of creative work that lead to the project.   In Linking Process, “Imagine what you see” by Mats Horbach is a reflection on the theme of the cabinet, deprived of rational parameters.
Simone Micheli creates a small collection for Schönhuber Franchi and Muya; the latter is an Ethiopian crafts brand.   Christophe del la Fontaine presents the second collection for the brand Dante, based on the elegance of the perfect gentleman. The special guest is barman Charles Schumann, who has created a glass.
In the group show by former students of the Royal College of Art, the 75% Control chair by Dafi Reis Doron is made of polyurethane foam in an open mould.   Belgian gallerist Valerie Traan presents the collection by Muller Van Severn, in the polyethylene used for cutting boards.
Lavanity, design by Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun of THINKK Studio.   Experiments on moulds and plastic materials by Rutger de Regt with Marlies van Putten.
Live performance by the students of the Royal Academy of Art of the Hague on methods of working with stucco, ceramics and plastics.   Stools and floor lamps in pressed earth and natural fibers, by Israeli designer Adital Ela.
By Inge Kuipers of Design Academy Eindhoven, the Touch Tea Set with anti-ergonomic usage mode.   The mirror by Antonio Cos for Autoproduzioni Italiane, the new brand for distribution of Italian self-produced design.
The six projects done collectively by Superequipe for the exhibition of DMY Berlin.   Iridescent Copper is a project on the imprinting of patterns using galvanic treatments on copper. Design Studio Besau-Marguerre.
The Belgian group Ministry of Mass makes nomadic objects that are easy to assemble and transport.   Lamps and objects in pressed sand by Alien and Monkey.