For the definition of the internal landscape and open spaces of the new Sanlorenzo SD112 34-meter yacht, the architecture studio helmed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, in its first nautical project, has chosen the path of creative reinterpretation of the naval interiors of the past.

Starting with those atmospheres marked by dark mahogany, shifted here into open spaces that underline the forms of the vessel itself, its curves and geometric lines, combining the stern cockpit with a large internal dining zone, concluded by the design of a full-height mahogany wall that frames the central staircase and leads, on the right, to the main stateroom, with the galley on the left.

The initial materic choice – the contemporary reutilization of dark mahogany – was then replaced, by request of the client, by the pale color of maple panels, wrapping the spaces in a balanced way, and perhaps adding more luminosity, while sacrificing the direct link to the yachting tradition.

The domestic feel and comfort of the interiors are not the result of simple transposition of solutions already applied by the studio in architectural projects; instead, the designers have applied their sensibilities regarding the definition of precise, ample spaces to the nautical world, making the dimension of luxury give way to a firm concept of ‘total design.’

A control of spaces where the connection between details and the whole become a continuous dialectic, where every component, every item of the furnishings, all the materials, colors and accessories are parts of an overall orchestration, carefully governed in architectural and stylistic terms.

Custom furnishings are joined by catalogue products to form a domestic atmosphere, from the dining room to the main saloon (surrounded by large openings with extending balconies).

Text by Matteo Vercelloni