Total renovation, from layout to functions to furnishings, modernization of physical plant systems – also for energy savings – and even the color of the walls: the Federlegno Arredo Eventi headquarters in Rome has a new look, offering its members functional spaces for encounters and teamwork. The facility of 300 square meters in the center of Rome has been redesigned by the studio LSarchitettura.

The goal was to make the spaces more open and full of light, welcoming and comfortable. The project focused first of all on a more functional layout, and then updated the character of the offices through chromatic choices of great visual impact.

Blue and gray fields alternate on the walls in a successful combination of light and space, setting the rhythm of its organization. The ceilings are white, while the floors are still the original wood (with the exception of the meeting room), conserving the memory of the past.

The interior decor relies on contemporary pieces Made in Italy, in terms of both furniture and material finishes.

Text by Laura Ragazzola

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Nella sala riunione il parquet originale è stato sostituito con la linea ‘Contract’ di Listone Giordano. Arredi Tecno e luci Kundalini.
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L’arredo degli uffici gioca sul binomio cromatico del parquet e della campitura blu della parete. Gli arredi (scrivania e mobile-libreria) appartengono alla collezione ‘Shift’, che nasce dalla collaborazione tra Tecno e lo studio Norman Foster+Partners, mentre la sedia è il modello ‘Vela’, design Lievore Altherr Molina. Il divanetto, infine, appartiene al sistema ‘Archipelago D502’, sempre di Tecno, design Moniva Förster.
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Il lungo corridoio distributivo che regola l’acceso ai vari ambienti. Luci di Kundalini e porte di Henry Glass.