In Sardinia, in the former mining village of Argentiera, an abandoned area of 500 square meters is transformed into an outdoor, public and inclusive amphitheater, with a high level of creativity, participation and sharing

As part of MAR - Argentiera mine | The Unlimited Place - the project that aims to enhance and revitalize the ancient mining complex of Argentiera ( Sassari ) - La Scala, a new cultural and recreational public space dedicated to socializing and sharing, the result of an intervention of participatory urban regeneration.

Architecture and painting

To sign the work of public art, with geometric shapes that interact and at the same time integrate with the ancient spaces and the color palette that recalls the shades of agave, Fabio Schirru, aka Tellas. "The detail that gives importance to this work is having conceived and created it together from the beginning, combining the study part of the area, the design of the space and finally the realization : architecture and painting ”explains the artist.

(Participatory) work in the field

There are 30, days of field work, between project and implementation, which saw the involvement of over 100 volunteers, including students and professionals, artists and creatives, young and old, local and international. All have given their contribution to the Cantieri, workshops and operational laboratories of participatory construction that started on June 10th to transform an abandoned area of 500 square meters , located right in the heart of the village, on the road that leads from the main square to the sea.

An outdoor amphitheater

The space - overlooking the Laveria, the most representative and emblematic building of the village, and the ruins of the electrical substations, the chemical laboratory and the offshore warehouses supporting the activities of the mine - has become an open-air amphitheater: an accessible and inclusive public place, dedicated to culture and learning, designed to host various initiatives, such as exhibitions and conferences, workshops and artistic residences, shows theatrical and film reviews, parties and concerts.

Events until 21 September

Throughout the summer season the Scala will be animated by Marea, a rich calendar of free events open to the public which includes cinema, theater, music and dance.

Abandonment as an opportunity

The intervention is part of MAR - Argentiera mine | The Unlimited Place, a participatory project of territorial regeneration born from the desire of to take careof disused spaces of the township to return them to the community and visitors transforming them into places for the dissemination of knowledge, accessible and usable to all, 365 days a year.

The concept and the project

The concept was born from the meeting between the LandWorks association, which has been involved for years in the regeneration of the village, and the artist Tellas, united by the desire to act on the territory to build spaces with a strong social value.

La Scala is conceived as a simple gesture, a connecting line that creates spatiality and harmonizes the seats, the void and the scenographic backdrops of historic buildings.

The stepped structure, built entirely of wood and animated by strokes and pictorial backgrounds , is crossed by a transversal ramp that makes the area below accessible, a flexible and multifunctional space in beaten earth.

Univer, brand di PPG Architectural Coatings tra le realtà più all’avanguardia nell’ambito delle pitture per edilizia ha fornito i prodotti per la realizzazione dell’opera.

Involvement and animation

La Scala was built thanks to the involvement and active participation of the community and numerous volunteers, including students of the DADU - Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (UniSS) and young local and international professionals, who they alternated during the construction site phases, in an atmosphere of sharing and confrontation with artists and creatives.

Through the strong relationship with entities, institutions and partners, the new space is made dynamic by public art works and digital animation in augmented reality, cultural events and shows, sporting and recreational events.

Augmented reality

Thanks to the partnership with BePart, and the contribution of DISSUF - Department of History, Human Sciences and Education (UniSS), the Scala also hosts works and digital installations and augmented reality, accessible through the simple use of a smartphone, which tell visitors the secrets of life in the mine in an engaging way.

The works, created by artists and creatives who participated in the artistic residences in the village, are added to the numerous physical and digital installations of the permanent exhibitions memories and ARgentierain Augmented Reality by MAR, the first open-air museum actually increases.

Visitors can go at any time to discover the tangible and intangible heritage, in complete safety and autonomy, enjoy and visit the space and the works created in a free and free way, participating in an engaging and exciting, combining knowledge, culture and fun.