People of Expo is the story of Expo2015 through portraits and testimony of the people who with their vitality are creating, constructing, participating and reinventing the Expo2015 universe. A human, light, curious interpretation that narrates the present while making a record, for the future, of these precious contributions.


People of Expo is a project invented and produced by Valentina Di Francesco and Stefano Frattini, founders of the studio Elce (, a creative studio that focuses on visual identity and began as a blog, a photographic and social narrative of the particular historical moment in Milan and in Italy in general, connected with the event Expo2015.


The portraits and remarks have been gathered at the website and on the social networks Facebook (People of Expo) and Twitter (@peopleofexpo – #poexpo). The Urban Center, the institutional space of the City of Milan aimed at the city and the world to gather and narrate the major urban transformations, will host – during Expo2015 (May-October), the installation People of Expo, as a natural transposition of the project in an exhibition space. The exhibit design is by Elena Sturla of Whitedistrict Studio (


During the 6 months of Expo2015 a wall will present the portraits of the “people of Expo” whose stories are told in the project. Through a series of appointments it will be possible to watch the growth of the installation and the gradual development of this human, light, curious key of interpretation that narrates the present of Expo2015 while providing documentation for the future.