To study, work or read thanks to concentrated light, without glare, capable of reaching exactly the place where it is needed.
Often with very different forms, the new table lamps share a core of very high technology, placed at the service of great lighting performance.

1- CAIO, designed by Mario Nanni for Viabizzuno, table lamp for interiors composed of a circular steel base with an on-off sensor.

2- UNMETRO by Marco Merendi for Davide Groppi, light that ‘unfurls’ lengthwise for one meter thanks to a particular patented joint. 3- Benjamin Hunert for Örsjö Belysning, the CRANE LAMP, based on the profile of the cranes used in construction, enclosing a set of LEDs in a perforated aluminium tube. 4- Designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan, OTTO WATT is an LED desk lamp with 360° jointed head, antiglare reflector and energy consumption, as the name suggests, of just 8 watts. 5- Produced and designed by Tobias Grau, FALLING STAR stands out for its spherical head with adjustable LEDs, guaranteeing concentrated glare-free light thanks to an optical lens. 6- LED BIOLITE by Makio Hasuike for Yamagiwa, table lamp in extruded aluminium, with extreme flexibility of the arm and head. 8- LOOKSOFLAT by Stefan Geisbauer for Ingo Maurer, table lamp in aluminium, with LEDs and switch built into the head of the unit. 9- MAGNETO, designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Foscarini, a lamp marked by the presence of a spherical magnet that joins two simple parts, a support post with a circular base and an LED light source similar to a torch. 10- by Emiliana Martinelli for Martinelli Luce, the table model from the COLIBRI' COLLECTION. Made in black anodized aluminium, the lamp comes in several versions, including wall, ceiling, hanging and floor 11- by the studio Foster+Partners for LUMINA, the table and bedside versions of Flo, the lamp with 300° rotating head and arms that rotate on the bases by 120°. The switch, on the head of each model, makes it possible to use the lamp at 50% or 100% power. 12- by Michele De Lucchi for Artemide, JUNIPER is an LED lamp with dual light emission, to offer controlled desktop lighting combined with diffused ambient lighting 13- designed by Philippe Starck for Flos, NET is a table lamp in polished aluminium, whose diffuser contains a USB port for iPods, iPhones and iPads. The efficiency of the light source is guaranteed by 28 top 3000K LEDs. 14- created by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian, PADDLE has a structure in aluminium or aluminium and wood, adjustable stem and arm, 84 microLEDs and dynamic light control 15- STRING by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda for Rotaliana, two-arm lamp for direct lighting with LEDs. The movement is compensated by the elastic cable running through the extruded part. 16- Orazio Spada for Metal Spot, the ARIA lamp in the table version, with stem and diffuser in chromium-plated metal and base in anodized aluminium 17- Catellani & Smith, the GIULIETTA table lamp with nickelplated metal base, stem in nickel-plated copper and disk in mirror-finish polished metal.