Palatial, stylish and functional spaces for living life to the full at sea: this is the design philosophy of the first Riva 50-meter M/Y Race. A giant that takes the iconic brand, a symbol of Italian style worldwide, into the superyacht segment

Race is a motoryacht completely outside the box. Its strikingly clean lines, devoid of frills, combine an ultra-contemporary vision of the pleasure craft with the history of a myth that has lived for over 178 years. Race is the first 50-meter Riva and marks a new departure in the Riva’s history in the megayacht sector. With clear, pure lines, an essential geometry and bold angles, its profile is defined by three strong horizontal signs, which run from stern to bow and heighten the dynamism of the design together with the metallic silver livery of the hull.

Designed throughout by Officina Italiana Design in collaboration with the engineering team of Riva Superyacht Division of Ancona and the Ferretti Group's Strategic Product Committee, it was developed by involving the shipowner, Piero Ferrari (son of the famous Enzo, founder of the racing marque of the same name and a partner of the Ferretti Group) from the early stages of the project. “The aim was to listen to different view points to arrive at the creation of a nautical masterpiece, aesthetically beautiful and functional. This entailed various engineering tests to minimize any possible margin of error in the construction phase,” recounts Giordano Pellacani, Sales and Marketing Director of Custom Business at Ferretti Group. “The ship’s owner loves long cruises and open spaces. So the 50-meter Riva concept started from here: a yacht for a complete experience of the sea.”

All the design choices enhance the livability of the external spaces and their connections with the interiors. Like the cockpit on the main deck with a fully opening access door making it possible to create a single large open space both inside and outside with the saloon, with bright, spacious volumes thanks to the extensive fenestration. Also on the outside of the main deck, a lounge in the bow, a true corner of privacy, is connected with the aft cockpit, by a wide side corridor on the left of the ship. The sundeck is a magnificent space of 120 square meters, 90 of which are covered by a hard top and furnished with sun beds, a swimming pool with whirlpool, dining area with barbecue and relaxation area with popup TV. The cockpit aft of the upper deck is also ideal for outdoor life, furnished with full custom armchairs and sofas.

On board, endless care is lavished on all the details. Starting from the exterior, it features mahogany, a clear allusion to the Riva tradition. It is the dominant wood characterizing the exterior and interior. Steel elements define the structures and underscore various elements; and then leather, the third material of continuity with the Riva tradition, used for upholstery and furniture. Internally the decor is defined by a harmonious alternation between light and dark tones with the dominant mahogany toned down with grey accents. Videoworks has integrated and customized the most sophisticated technologies for home entertainment, audio/video, lighting and domestics, very easy to use. 

At a glance

What is it?
A 50-meter megayacht.
What is the design concept?
To enjoy contact with the sea to the utmost by favoring the livability of the outdoor spaces and offering uncluttered sightlines from the interior.
How is it made?
Developed on 5 decks, it is a 50-meter yacht in steel (hull) and aluminum (superstructure), the first from the Riva Superyacht Division. It has a beam (width) of 9 meters and can accommodate 10 guests and nine crew members.
Who designed it?
From Officina Italiana Design, an outfit founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta that exclusively designs the whole Riva range. They styled the interiors and exteriors, created in collaboration with the engineering team of the Riva Superyacht Division of Ancona and the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee.
Who built it and where?
Race was built at the Riva Superyacht Division shipyard in Ancona. Riva is a brand of Ferretti Group, world leader in the design, construction and marketing of motoryachts and pleasure boats.
How was it built?
The 50-meter Riva is the outcome of the meticulous construction skills typical of the Riva tradition, which also combines aesthetic elegance, outstanding safety standards and high performance. It has RINA Green Plus and Comfort Class certification of the excellence of the boat in terms of safety, comfort aboard, performance, nautical technologies and respect for the environment.
What makes it special?
It is the first Riva superyacht to combine a contemporary vision of sailing with the legendary history of a myth that has lived for over 178 years, being particularly loved through its history by crowned heads and members of the jet set.
What is it like?
It has streamlined, elegant and timeless forms, with perfectly balanced spaces.
Furniture brands on board
Minotti, Frag, Cassina, Acerbis, Poliform.
How does the designer describe it?
“Race is defined by extremely clean external lines, the signs are rarefied to the utmost, eliminating all frills. For the organization of the outdoor spaces we worked together with the shipyard to create fluid and balanced areas in perfect dialogue with the interiors of great style and elegance in keeping with the Riva tradition. The objective was the search for pure forms intended for true connoisseurs rather than yacht owners, without straying into the exhibitionism typical of many luxury yachts. In a word, it is a chic watercraft and this is the logic of the project.” Mauro Micheli, Chief Designer Officina Italiana Design.