A veritable globetrotter of the sea, Rosetti Superyachts’ RSY 38m EXP is designed for long cruises without ever calling at port. With all the luxuries and comforts of a seaside villa

Having the spirit of an explorer and a refined appearance is not for everyone. The new RSY 38m EXP now being built by Rosetti Superyachts has this twofold soul. Its lines designed by Hydro Tec, bold and elegant, at a glance are not exactly those of an explorer ship, yet its numbers speak clearly and not only in terms of performance. “In aesthetic terms it does not conjure up the  typical image of an explorer vessel,” explains Andrea Giora, Sales Director and Board Member of RSY, “but with a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots, extensive stowage facilities that ensure prolonged independence from ports and marinas and palatial internal and external volumes, we can say it fulfils all the main requisites that define this class of yacht.”

RSY 38m EXP boasts almost 3,000 liters of refrigerator and freezer capacity installed both in the kitchen and a technical room on the lower deck, and no less than 700 square meters of floor space between interiors and exteriors. The yacht’s owners, with extensive experience of the sea, played an active part in its design. Their desire was to sail the seas of the world in their yacht. Rosetti Superyachts as a shipyard is able to fulfil this request because it draws on the productive assets and know-how of Rosetti Marino, the parent company and a key player in the construction of rigs and working craft for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The interior design, modern and contemporary in style, is by the Ravenna-based studio BurdissoCapponi Yachts&Design. It features light and dark oak wood and materials set out in their three-dimensions. So, in the design of the ceilings, some parts are lowered to stress the areas below, in a completely free planimetric development, abandoning the logic of symmetry for the sake of a more expressive compositional balance. The spaces they create lend themselves to the decorative setting and in particular the display and showcasing of artworks which, in this way, play their part in the definition of the architecture. The dominant element is the lobby of the main deck: a sculpture is placed in a central position just below the skylight which sheds light from the sundeck to the lower deck, creating an effect of suspension within an ideal prism of light. Light engineering played a significant part in defining the project, first of all by differentiating the general lighting, characterized by a homogeneous and diffused light, from “zonal” light, corresponding to areas with lowered ceilings.

At a glace

What is it?
A 38-meter expedition yacht, the RSY 38m.
What is the design concept?
A strongly built yacht with a great range to ensure long ocean cruises with large spaces, external and internal, and every comfort.
How is it made?
It has a maximum beam of 8.85 meters and is laid out on 4 decks. On the main deck the lobby, dining area and the master cabin; on the deck below, four guest cabins (two doubles and two with twin beds) and a beach club. Unlike more traditional configurations, the main saloon is on the upper deck on the same level as the captain’s cabin and the wheelhouse.
Who designed it?
Hydro Tec designed the external lines, layout and naval architecture; the interior design is by BurdissoCapponi Yachts&Design.
Who built it and where?
RSY Rosetti Superyachts.
How is it built?
At the San Vitale shipyard in Ravenna, the aluminum and steel yacht is in an advanced phase of construction and will be delivered to its European owner next year.
What makes it special?
A welcoming ambiance has been created in the interiors with a strong emotional impact. The owners are young with a lively interest in contemporary design, so a modern and unconventional style was chosen, playing on the breakdown of the volumes to create a diversified perception of space.
What is it like?
It has a displacement hull with a bulb and it is fitted with electric stabilizing fins. Powered by two MAN D2868 LE 425 (588kW) engines, it will have a top speed of 13 knots and a cruising speed between 10 and 11 knots.
Brands of furnishings on board
Antoniolupi, Gessi, Elka Design; the free standing furniture is still being defined.
How does the designer describe it?
“We’re on a very high-performance craft, built to sail in all conditions, and the owners intend to fully exploit the potential offered by this type of yacht. For this reason, particular attention has been paid to the functional use of space. At the same time we wanted to find a style reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa with large windows and terraces overlooking the sea. We sought to merge the two styles, the more nautical one with a feeling for home living, informal and elegant at the same time.” BurdissoCapponi Yachts&Design.