Project architettonico Antonio Antorini
Project di interior design Carlo Colombo
Photos Walter Gumiero
Text Danilo Signorello

The architect Antonio Antorini has always made the pursuit of pure form, precise geometry, respect for tradition and references to rationalism the strong points of his work.

An essential, functional architecture based on the linear simplicity of forms and volumes. Again in this villa, which overlooks the lake in Lugano, we see a compositional poetics that is immediately identifiable. The building, developing along a steep lot on three levels (swimming pool, cellar, spa and guest zone with three bathrooms; living and kitchen; master bedroom zone and studio), plus a basement for technical spaces, is made around a large pine tree, incorporated in the patio. The minimal roots of this majestic plant did not create particular difficulties, allowing it to be integrated in the architectural structure. The relationship with the landscape also determines the design of the large windows facing the lake, offering a view of the passage of the seasons, the changing light, the shadows of clouds, the sound of rain. A clean, transparent work of architecture, open to the landscape, raising the question of whether the greenery enters the building or whether the house wants to extend outward, annexing other spaces for living. The interior design was done by the architect Carlo Colombo, who has made excellent use of space and light, transparency and geometric volumes, often underlining the poetic aspects of contact with nature. Colombo has managed to bring character and personality to every space, responding to the needs of the inhabitants. Wood and stone are the main materials, white the main color, and light becomes design material, while water is the natural element that returns inside (in the pool and the fitness area), reflecting the protagonist of the landscape, namely the lake. Elements and sensations of Colombo’s personal style. Again in this case, the project establishes a dialogue, an attitude of empathy, in tune with the clients, the starting point for every work, together with a focus on the location. His sign is made of pure, minimal forms, and a preference for simple materials like glass, concrete, stone and wood. These substances return in this house in the glazed parapets of the balcony, the wenge floors with a custom design, the wooden staircases, the wood paneling of the living zone or the Travertine of the spa, the basalt of the patio, the Travertine of the swimming pool and its decks, the backlit onyx wall of the wine cellar, the marble block of the fireplace screened by slender brass rods, a hearth placed at the center of the large living area, where it symbolically blends with natural elements like stone, metal, fire and the wood that fuels the flames. The furnishings are also carefully designed, down to the basic qualities and details, using every zone as a neutral setting, together with large paintings on the walls, in the most logical and appropriate way. The color, material and form of the individual design pieces underscore the architecture and its message, making every single space a model of silent elegance.