The new Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 daycruiser is inspired by the performance and design of the legendary super sport cars. The most advanced of fast luxury pleasure craft, it promises lightness and speed to dart across the waves in style

Transversality in design always pays off with new and creative ideas. Pleasure boating and motoring are two different worlds, yet they have always had close ties, with watercraft invariably finding new design ideas in car design to satisfy market trends and the tastes of yacht owners. In the case of the new Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, an innovative craft under construction at the Tecnomar, boatyard, there is not only inspiration but also collaboration. The result: a high-performance motor yacht characterized by super-sporty lines completely out of the nautical box. We will see it in 2021.

The project, developed by Tecnomar in joint design analysis sessions with the contribution of Lamborghini’s Style Center, embodies shared features of the DNA of each marque. Hull and superstructure have been created from a high-performance keel designed by the team of naval engineers specialized in the study of hydrodynamics. The hard top is inspired by roadsters (open two-seater autos) by Lamborghini. It guarantees surprising aerodynamic performance while  providing protection from sun and wind. The bow lights are a tribute to the Third Millennium concept car and the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, both characterized by headlights displaying the typical Lamborghini stylistic features.

The interiors of Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 are the outcome of a high-tech design resting on the use of high-performance materials in terms of weight and functionality. The whole is fully customizable: thanks to the Ad Personam program, clients can choose from an endless range of materials and finishes (exactly as on board a megayacht) and different colors both for the exterior (between the selection of Lamborghini color schemes or specific liveries on request) and for the interior, available in two versions. “This yacht is the finest expression of what it means for us to create a quality partnership,” comments Giovanni Costantino, president of The Italian Sea Group, “The essence of all our collaboration consists in transferring our style and experience into worlds that, despite their diversity, have traits in common with our own, so that they can be interpreted to add value. If I had to imagine a Lamborghini on the water, this would be my vision.”

At a glance

What is it?
A motoryacht with overall length of 63 feet (about 19.2 meters).
What is the design concept?
Inspired by the performance of Lamborghini super sport cars, speed and dynamic lightness are the two elements underlying its concept. The project is inspired by the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37, the super sports car with its unmistakable design, fully customized in colors and details.
How is it made?
It is a daycruiser (an open boat with reduced interiors), with the common features of the DNA of both brands that inspired all phases of the project, from the creation of the design lines to the definition of the technical specifications capable of ensuring high performance.
Who designed it?
The project was developed by Tecnomar with the contribution of the Lamborghini Style Center.
Who built it?
Tecnomar, a marque well known for the sporting qualities, avant-garde design and high performance of its yachts, a part of The Italian Sea Group, a luxury pleasure boat outfit that carries out refits and builds watercraft up to 100 meters long.
How is it produced?
It will be produced in a limited edition. This is why it was created in the Marina di Carrara boatyard, a new specially dedicated pavilion that will make it possible for the yacht to be delivered rapidly.
What makes it special?
The design and use of high-performance materials such as carbon fiber, a typical component of Lamborghini cars. This guarantees its classification in the range of ultra-light boats with a maximum weight of 24 tons for 63 feet overall length.
What is it like?
The design is dynamic and features iconic Lamborghini elements: hexagons, clean lines and Ys, iconic elements also in the interiors.
How do the designers describe it?
The exterior design of the motor yacht is characterized by a super-sporty silhouette, cutting-edge and completely outside the box, unlike any typical nautical design. The hull and superstructure have been created from a high-performance keel that evokes, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, the historical lines created by Marcello Gandini for the iconic Lamborghini Miura and Countach cars in the ’60s and ’70s. The hard top is inspired by Lamborghini’s roadster models. It guarantees surprising aerodynamic performance as well as protection from the sun and wind. The mood of the interiors has clear allusions to the world of car design and can be fully customized.