The language of flavor in the Spanish Pavilion. “The inspiration? The greenhouse, a synthetic, archetypal, tranquil form based on a regular orthogonal grid on three levels, and on the dynamism of the paths that favor spatial voids (as opposed to full zones) as a gesture of welcome, almost as in the home,” says the designer Fermin Vazquez/studio b720 Arquitectos.

“A prefabricated and recyclable structure with a double nave, two rows of stainless steel porticos, salvaged wood and cork, an outdoor area like a classic patio de naranjos. A traditional image, in the end, but vitalized by the grafting of the materic surfaces of Cosentino that grant the sober forms of the architecture a message of innovation.

Conveyed by the metaphor of the tomato genome, one of the greatest advances in the field of scientific biotechnology, etched with inkjet technology on sheets of ultracompact Dekton®, with a thickness of 2 cm, installed on the floor in the exhibition space and in the public area on the ground level. From yesterday to tomorrow, by way of today, in short. As in the kitchen, amidst historical products of reference of the tradition like olive oil, wine, vegetables, and advanced molecular decoding.”

A way of saying that on the global market it is possible to compete only through quality. And the experience of Cosentino, which has supplied almost 1000 m2 of its finest materials, personalized in the design phase, demonstrates just that. Because as Santiago Alfonso, director of marketing, explains: “We have wagered on architecture. We began with stone, on local ground, in Almeria, Spain, but we are moving into international scenarios. With respect for people and their environment, with research on sustainable technology, a basic value of the challenges of the future.”

focus by Antonella Boisi – photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri and Luca Rotondo  

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The ultracompact Dekton® sheets installed on the floor, bear an inkjet reproduction of the tomato genome, one of the greatest biotech advances.
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The Spanish language of flavor in the pavilion made with the contribution of Cosentino, which supplied its materic surfaces for customizing in the design phase.
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External view.
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A conceptual experimental focus and quality materials at the Spanish Pavilion.