Elisa Bortesi and Elisa Galli, founders of the Dorothy design consultancy studio, draw on the polite irony of Guido Gozzano to launch twenty D, a brand of furnishing accessories that redeems from oblivion everyday objects – anonymous, bizarre or outdated: all to be dusted off and rediscovered. The first collection with zoomorphic shapes lights up with vibrant chalky colors

A series of everyday objects that have distinguished the Italian houses of the twentieth century. A journey into the Italy of folk crafts, in search of those reassuring and at the same time bizarre objects, made up of small and tiny accessories with questionable aesthetics, often reviled, and yet fully part of the collective memory. Anonymous pieces, yet recognizable, now abandoned in dusty attics, waiting for a second chance that is hard to arrive.

From these suggestions, twenty D, the new brand of furnishing accessories was born from the initiative of Elisa Bortesi and Elisa Galli, founders of the Dorothy design consultancy studio. An idea born from the desire to dust off, recover and reinterpret, with respect and grace, what Guido Gozzano defined with subdued irony as good things in bad taste. Belonging to the affective-living memories of most of us, they are elements of a shared heritage  more emotional than material  now considered outdated, to which the twenty D project now wants to give new dignity.

The brand inaugurates with Objets Trouvés 2021, capsule collection, a series of ceramic objects that includes bizarre souvenirs, extravagant favors, unlikely art de la table sets. Objects now lost whose old-world decorations are smarginated in kitsch. Yet, looking at them without prejudice, one can read the archetypes of popular culture linked to Italian living and hospitality: sometimes apotropaic figures, others benevolent. All pieces to be recovered, returned in an unexpected monochromatic version that makes them metaphysical yet concrete.

The first twenty D collection reveals a series of zoomorphic forms, simple and at the same time unmistakable presences, animated by irony, empathy and a marked identity. An imaginative animal universe  micro and macro, domestic and exotic, different in compositional style and function, character and dimension  is revealed in its lively personality, lit by vibrant contrasting chalky tones.

“We have always been passionate about vintage furniture and home accessories” explain Elisa & Elisa. “The search for the protagonists for this first capsule collection was exciting. What is triggered in us is an immediate empathy towards these anonymous objects, but with an unmistakable personality, undisputed presences in the domestic furnishings of the twentieth century that we would like to redeem from the oblivion of the present, making them again the protagonists of our living environments and of our daily life. We also like to think that the choice to give space, voice and value to these collections can raise awareness of more virtuous practices, contrasting, even in the furniture choices, the totally contemporary throwaway culture”.

A project of the heart and memory that imagines a rediscovered domestic life, aesthetically – and ethically – valued. Like the fascinating location chosen for the evocative photo shoot by Ruggiero Scardigno. An abandoned country house, lined with peeling walls and shrouded in fog but lit by the colors and warmth of a tribe of unexpected presences.