It is the beginning of a new era for Cantiere del Pardo's dynamic VanDutch brand: from the renewal of the range, with the new VD 56, to the opening of four VanDutch Centers around the world

There are many news concerning the VanDutch world. Under the sign of Cantiere del Pardo, to score a new start for the captivating brand of boats with streamlined and essential lines, are on the one hand the renewal of the range, with the new VanDutch 56, on the other hand the opening of four VanDutch Center in Europe and the United States.

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Where are the VanDutch Centers

With a pure, defined and absolutely recognizable identity, VanDutch recently inaugurated its Italian hub in Moniga, on Lake Garda, which is adds to that of Saint-Tropez and to those soon to open in Miami and the Balearic Islands. All locations that best express the dynamic and bold image of the Dutch brand acquired in 2020 by Cantiere del Pardo: its boats with unmistakable minimal and smooth lines, rational and sharp transmit a way of living the sea that does not compromises. A loft that changes in size but not in shape and use.

Premium services

With the four VanDutch Centers in the world private yachting clubs are born for VanDutch owners, aimed both at organizing and participating in events and parties exclusive, both to the offer of premium services on land and on boat. Also in the hubs the yachts are always on display and ready for sea trials. To develop a strong sense of community , the possibility of using all the services in any other VanDutch Center in the world.

VD 56 in the Venice Lagoon

The Venice Lagoon is the special stage chosen for the launch of the new VanDutch 56. The sinuous and rounded shapes of the boat interact both with the rational and material lines of the Arsenale and with the bright colors of Burano. Each VanDutch model is deeply linked to Italian locations renowned for style, elegance and exclusivity, innate characteristics of the brand. A combination that emphasizes the identity of the brand that is aimed at an elite target looking for high performance performance combined with a slim design with soft lines and no edges.

Characterized by flowing waterlines and an external layout of great impact, VD 56 had the privilege of being portrayed inside the docks of the Arsenale di Venezia, symbol of the Venetian naval industry since the twelfth century. The shooting set then moved north to the island of Burano, famous for the colorful houses that animate the icy image of VanDutch 56.

VanDutch Center Lake Garda

On 11 June 2022 his new VanDutch Center Lake Garda was inaugurated in the delightful and well-equipped port of Moniga, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. Like the other hubs in the world, the center, located in a strategic position in Northern Italy, thanks to a highly qualified team with more than 15 years of experience in the nautical field, is ready to offer owners premium services and high-end assistance.

The opening party had a sporty start to best express the dynamic soul and lifestyle of VanDutch yachts. In fact, around 3 pm from the port of Moniga, an engaging seatrials began on board the VanDutch 32 and VanDutch 40, attended by 15 journalists from the most important nautical and design magazines.

Alternating relaxing moments with other adrenalin-pumping, the boats cruised among the most evocative locations of Lake Garda such as Sirmione, Isola di Garda, the Gulf of Salò and Gardone Riviera, which, with their sumptuous villas and palaces, were the backdrop for the photographs of the photographers. As the sun went down, owners and guests were welcomed into the warm atmosphere of the VanDutch Center. To support the organization of the event of opening the staff of Moniga Porto, in particular Laura, Marco and Stefania Fadabini.

VanDutch Center Saint-Tropez

On Quai de l'Epi, in the center of one of the most renowned resorts in the Mediterranean, VanDutch Saint-Tropez is located near the old port, surrounded by colorful buildings and beaches with a French allure. Inaugurated on 26 May 2022, the new center, managed by the historic C.N.B. Villanova , has a team available all year round to offer the best assistance and to welcome owners and guests for events, parties and seatrials with the range available.

VanDutch Center Balearics and Miami soon to open

Two more hubs will be inaugurated shortly. VanDutch Balearics Center, which will offer a full premium service lasting 12 months, is located on two of the most exclusive islands in the Mediterranean nautical destinations ranking: Ibiza and Mallorca. VanDutch Center Miami, in Florida, is instead located in the center of the most luxurious location for American yachting. It is strategically positioned to meet the needs of customers in North and South America, including the Caribbean islands.

The centers to be opened soon will be elegant and welcoming, equipped and functional places, ideal for discovering the VanDuch models available, as well as guaranteeing the booking of luxury charter services and a calendar of special events throughout the year.