Whispr is born, the Italian sustainable knitwear project that makes garments talk, urging gender equality

An oxymoron confirms the existence of Whispr, the collection of made in Italy knitwear that whispers strong intent, in a gentle way but with a resonant impact.

The project was born from three women to raise awareness, exhort, assert. She's kind because she whispers but she does it aloud, advancing women's empowerment and, even more, gender equality.

Whispr speaks through clothing. Because fashion is a very powerful tool and in addition, also everyday: communicating through what we wear is a naïve social practice, in most cases, which with Whispr becomes aware.

The Florentine brand gives in fact the word to sweaters and sweaters, bags and accessories, all made with organic yarn and very high quality, certified materials and with reduced environmental impact.

An affirmation, exhortative or declarative, is embroidered on each garment, depending on how you feel you need it, which keeps the attention high on an essential topic today and always. 'Mind the gap', 'Brave', 'Listen', 'Fifty Fifty, Please': there must be no difference between the sexes.

The founders of the startup that gave life to Whispr have also undertaken to study an unconventional proposal formula: the knitwear collections will in fact follow personalized intervals (not the canonical catwalk seasons), adapted to topical issues and social action depending on the moment. For the next ones, then, creativecollaborations with talents in communication, fashion and crafts are also planned.

Sofia Ciucchi - CEO and co-founder from Whispr - tells how the project was born.

Why is the brand called Whispr when you want to speak loud and clear about gender equality?

The name Whispr combines the verb whisper (in English whisper) with public relations (pr). The goal is in fact to develop relationships with associations, institutions, companies and people. Because Whispr is not only a line of high quality knitwear, but also a community of women for women. It is a brand that speaks clearly, to be heard it is not always necessary to scream, ours is a kind word of mouth.

Do you think young women want to wear their values?

Absolutely yes, indeed I believe that the younger generations are very attentive to the values of inclusiveness, diversity and gender equality. And they have a great desire to take the field, to fight in first person, to be protagonists.

What is the fundamental difference between today's young women and those of yesterday when it comes to gender equality?

Over the years many battles have been fought and won, many prejudices have fallen in the female world. I think the difference lies only in the fact that today women certainly have access to more opportunities than in the past, thanks to the battles of our mothers and our grandmothers. But there is still a long way to go, especially in the business, economic and professional spheres.

How was Whispr born?

With a chat between friends, women with different experiences in the fashion sector, with whom I share the passion for female empowerment. From our desire to transform those values and that belief into a female enterprise made by women for women, precisely through the language of fashion. There is nothing more concrete than wearing a message that you believe in and want to share with others.

Is fashion doing enough on gender equality?

Fashion is certainly the sector that has done the most on the subject of diversity, questioning the clear division between genders. On the other hand, it is different to talk about gender equality. In this sector too there is still a lot to do, especially in the professional sphere in relation to top management positions. Women are the main consumers of the fashion sector, but there are still very few companies that make fashion led by women.

Whispr is a startup, how was it born?

It was born during the pandemic, from the desire of three professionals to do something concrete starting from their passions. Whispr is a benefit company, which has set in its statute the mission of creating greater awareness on gender equality and female empowerment especially in the professional sphere.

What is your future as a brand, 5 years from now?

We hope to have sold many jerseys around the world, because each shirt is a concrete message and is a small step towards the goal of achieving gender equality that the UN has set in its agenda for 2030. Hence the site www.whispr2030.com, where the collections are on sale, and the Instagram profile @ whispr2030, a community of people with the same views and the same ideals. Because together our voice is stronger.